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  1. slv

    slv Ban-list

    Ban information Name : CARRASC IP: Reason: not giving wg Unban time: Permanent Chasing and tracking this guy for days, not giving ss, not giving wg , he was quiet all the time, when i asked for wg and transfer him to spec i have waited for 15 min, and he even wasnt answering my questions..
  2. slv

    slv Ban-list

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  3. Nickname: slv Real name: Slavisa Kilibarda Age: 25 Country: Bosnia and Herzegovina Experience as admin: i had my own servers years ago, and i was admin on many servers, so much experience.. Why do you want to be admin here: to try to fix a lot of, of course Steam On/Off: off You can donate:no Other: i play very often on this server, i think i have a lot of hours playing..u can ask some of the admins, almost every i can continue that routine and help CSBD to be even more decent server.. GL^HF
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