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  1. RRS

    [CS] BanList RRS

    * Name: [EUPHORIA]* Ip:* SteamID (if exist) :* Time:permanent* Reason:reclama* Proofs (print/demo) :https://imgur.com/a/h4rO1ui
  2. RRS

    [CS] BanList RRS

    * Name:A l i s a Club Gerl / J u p a* Ip:* SteamID (if exist) :* Time:permanent* Reason:no wg (left server)* Proofs (print/demo) :http://www.mediafire.com/file/ydxe4e9c4myncbt/ali.dem/file
  3. RRS

    [CS] BanList RRS

    * Name:OUGA* Ip:* SteamID (if exist) :* Time:permanent* Reason:baned before(change ip)* Proofs (print/demo) :
  4. RRS

    [CS] BanList RRS

    * Name:OUGA* Ip:* SteamID (if exist) :* Time:Permanent* Reason: aim (no wg test, he left server)* Proofs (print/demo) :
  5. RRS

    [CS] BanList RRS

    Ban Information Name: CaReTo IP: Reason: ss. Unban Time: Permanent
  6. RRS

    [CS] BanList RRS

    * Name:* Ip:* SteamID (if exist) :* Time:* Reason:* Proofs (print/demo) :
  7. Nickname:RRS Real name:Zivkovic Miroslav Age:32 Country:Bosnia, Deutschland Experience as admin:Some experience Why do you want to be admin here:I want to help server be better. Steam On/Off:off You can donate:no Other:
  8. players gone, one by one...

    1. Amaranth


      Thx i send an admin.

    2. RRS
  9. are you wake up, someone pls connect on server. wh aim. players canz play.