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  1. reckless_the_pro

    Admin reinstate

    Hi reckless_the_pro here. I posted a message but didn’t get a reply so posting here. My admin was suspended for a week. I think it’s been 7 days. Am I getting admin back?
  2. reckless_the_pro

    UNBAN 99 :))

    Lycanian as of this moment I am an admin. You may remove me in the near future but till I am one I think a little bit of mutual respect should be there in your line of communication with a fellow admin. But you are not known much for your friendly ways on the server, I’m sorry but that’s the truth. I have posted 2 detailed replies and I think it’s your job/responsibility to read them carefully, intently and without prejudice. Read them and you will get you answer. I rest my case. Nothing more to say.
  3. reckless_the_pro

    UNBAN 99 :))

    lycanian what u have posted is majorly the admin chat. I mentioned in my earlier reply that 99 seemed to be a normal player. I asked him for wg in normal “press y” chat and he did reply “ban me” or something to that effect. lycanian I don’t know what yours age but with all due respect I’m 36 and a level headed guy. I’m not gonna lie over a game. Pls! i have said what I had to. Further your call and Amaranths. I leave it to your best judgment. **But yes the extract you have posted is majorly the admin chat. See the entire chat over 10-15min. You will find it.
  4. reckless_the_pro

    UNBAN 99 :))

    Hi all reckless the pro here. Firstly if this 99. the guy who played with the tag/slot skill.exe then yes my bad cause 99. is a super player. I did not recognise him cause it was just 99 No slot, no admin. Secondly every second person felt he was aim+wallhacks. Now I don’t have the chat history recorded but admin: star of death even confirmed To have recorded his demo. Lastly I asked 99 to share WG scan and he flatly said “ban me”. I again said “u are forcing me to ban u”. He said “ban, I don’t care” or something to that effect. Hence I banned him. Yes I should have put reason as “no_wg_scan”
  5. Xxxtentaction the least you could do is put forth the whole, exact and true events. first to reply to your two images:- 1) where you have highlighted me calling you an idiot. If you notice post two lines even intruder the person I slapped twice says “he did it for fun”. The user repeatedly told you to let it be and he has no problem but you still persisted harrowing me. Moreover I think we should all brush up our English language with oxford dictionary and learn that “idiot” ain’t an abuse but using the F word directed towards someone is derogatory which you did and that’s w
  6. Hi reckless the pro here. would like to apply for the tag:- Pro Mode On
  7. * Nick: reckless the pro * Age: 36 * Steam profile link: i dont have * The secret word from the Rules: #hyperx * Link with your name in GameTracker: the pro/ * Languages you can speak: English And India * Can you donate? (Yes/ No): NO



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