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    EDM Music Quiz

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    CS:GO Quiz (V2)

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  5. ''N A S A'' de invidie intrerupe comunicatiile pe tot globul 1 an :)) Imi doresc sa dispara banii totul sa fie gratis
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  7. ************************************************ Ban Information Name: Boga IP: Reason: NOSS Unban Time: Permanent Ban ************************************************
  8. ************************************************ Ban Information Name: ~ IP: Reason: unbanforumnoss Unban Time: Permanent Ban ************************************************
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    Video Games Quotes (Hard)

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    * The complaints are made only if the admins abuse or behave inappropriately. * Complaints are NOT made for reasons like slay / gag / kick / ban 120 minutes. except when the admins use these commands for no reason. * If you receive ban permanently on the server and you think as the admin don't have proofs, don't make complaint, go to the Unban Request Model: * Nick: * Nick of Admin: * Reason of complaint: * Date and time: * Proofs [Screenshot in console]: * IP: * SteamID: * Other details:
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    Admin Request

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    You are not allowed to advertise on other servers or invite X on the Y server - ban permanently! Do not stress the administration. Keep a decent language on the server, otherwise you risk a 3 minute gag, followed by a 30/60/120 min ban. Vulgar language on an admin is punished with a 500-minute ban, followed by a permanent ban.There is no "I didn't know" !!If you are dissatisfied with the admins, don't bother, there is the admins complaints section.Do not request pros on the server, you will be rejected on request. Do not ask the admin to do different gender tests: slay, SS, gag. Risk gag for 3 minutes.Do not comment on the admin's decision, if you have complaints or grievances, we are waiting for you in the Respawn - HELL COMPLAINTS sectionIn case you announced a suspicious player on u @, this does not mean that the given person has 100% aim, wall, etc. Wait for it to be verified by admin. In case you receive BAN on the Server and do not make a Unban Request in 48 Hours, your request after will not be considered.It is forbidden on the server any kind of cfgs that contain Aliases or Scripts, risk PERMANENT BAN ! If you apply unban you must have a demo / ss made by admin as proof!