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    1. Upgrades Downgrades moja_kija_bas_vam_prija has been removed from our team.
    2. Salut, @Gudzone ! Inainte de a aplica din nou pentru functia de Moderator, trebuie mai intai sa intri intr-unul din proiectele comunitatii (Guardians of Gaming, Devil Harmony, vGame Reviewer, etc). Dupa ce ai intrat, trebuie sa ai o activitate buna spre foarte buna si sa-ti creezi o reputatie buna la noi pe comunitate. Din pacate, cererea ta este respinsa momentan !
    3. Hello, @G R 4 V E N 提 ! Before I'm taking a decision of pro/contra, I want to ask you: -> How long do you want to stay in our team if you will get Moderator ? -> You can manage to be active in all of your projects ?
    4. Hello, @-INTOX-™ ! I checked your activity and it seems to be pretty good. I want to ask you a question: -> How are you differenced by other members that applied for this rank ?
    5. Salut, @_MemeRo_ ! Daca vrei Admin pe unul dintre serverele comunitatii, te rog sa-l gasesti pe cel pe care joci si sa faci o cerere la sectiunea respectiva:
    6. CSO.CSBLACKDEVIL.COM - another VIP giveaway, everyone can participate to it :):


    7. nanelu

      [suggestion remove gun]

      This suggestion has been marked as Pending. Please wait until @Carbon will answer it.
    8. @Maykel - stop voting maps when you don't like one, if the vote was ended with zm_alive_house, then let it be. When the rock vote starts there are 5 map options, not 1, 5. Doing a votemap just because you don't like that one, isn't satisfied. Also, be aware of what language we can speak on chat, I got a report from a romanian player that told me that you tell him that Romanian is forbidden in the chat, lol. That's a warn for you, next time be more carefull. @spandu - you are not in the position that you can tell admins they will get removed. You will be warned too.
    9. CSO.CSBLACKDEVIL.COM - another VIP giveaway, everyone can participate to it :):



    10. I couldn't find you on gametracker and I didn't saw your name ever on the server. Request rejected !
    11. I just completed this quiz. My Score 40/100 My Time 96 seconds  
    12. Acest post nu poate fi afișat deoarece este într-un forum protejat de parolă. Introdu parolă
    13. I'm not the one who constantly congrats people for their rank. But I want to congratulate you for your creations, they are high tier :).

    14. Hello dear players of CSO.CSBLACKDEVIL.COM We want to announce you that we finally changed our ban system and with that, we managed to get a website for live banlist statistics. Site link: Advantages: -> A better ban system -> You can see on our website if you are banned or not, who banned you, every detail about your ban -> You can see wich players was banned and by who & more We hope that you like this and also we are waiting your feedback :).



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