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  1. I'm sorry but i don't think you're ready to see the degree on our server before requesting a degree on our server, you made requests to these servers a day ago: PerfectZM AlgeriaZm WalkingDead Zombie Plague 6.2 StreetZM cs ZmDarkNight i really don't care if you were accepted by these servers or not but i notice that the term "admin" is not well seen as i say many times, the degree of admin is not a benefit, but a responsibility. if you want to help a server by joining the admin team it should be your favorite server ( so i think ) and take this responsibility towards the server. as i notice that you require an admin degree on several servers, you prove to me that you simply want a degree on one server. you don't want responsibilities just degree. that and the fact that you did not enter our server even once I'm soriy but...
  2. Acest post nu poate fi afișat deoarece este într-un forum protejat de parolă. Introdu parolă
  3. @LeX

    Project New Addons

    RO Version: sa va explic si cateva functii si ce fac acestea: Acestea fiind doar idei pentru moment, nu suntem siguri ca vom putea aduce toate functiile si metodele mentionate mai sus Adica nu promitem nimic Pe deasupra suntem deschisi la idei noi, daca aveti idei sau pareri de impartasit referitor la acest lucru nu ezitati sa postati aici ENG Version: let me explain some functions and what they do: These being just ideas for the moment, we are not sure that we will be able to bring all the functions and methods mentioned above I mean, we don't promise anything On top of that we are open to new ideas, if you have ideas or opinions to share regarding this do not hesitate to post here
  4. done daca intampini probleme la conectare ( deoarece numele tau contine caractere speciale/simboluri ) nu ezita sa ma contactezi T/C
  5. @LeX

    Banlist Mariam

    in "proof" we introduce what type of cheat he used. in the case of this player we have aim + speed and in time we will put 0 that is permanently the ban you made will expire this year on 22.10.2021 the ban has been updated: permanently
  6. please do not spam in this category. I think you have less and you ask for an admin degree on all community servers rejected
  7. Hey lex can you please message me hi so I can Send you my nick and pw

  8. lease leave me or to @vagabondl. / @BeeNoXz pm with nick and pw ! T/C
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  10. @LeX

    ✅Request Admin Mariam

    la lista de prohibiciones se publicó demasiado pronto en mi opinión Solo has jugado 11 horas en el servidor en este momento. No tengo otras opiniones sobre ti en este momento. Investigaré un poco sobre ti y volveré con una edición de mi opinión.
  11. Acest post nu poate fi afișat deoarece este într-un forum protejat de parolă. Introdu parolă
  12. the ping represents the communication distance between 2 pcs measured in ms. that is, in how many milliseconds does the client reach to communicate with the server. the sv_unlag command represents ping compensation it can have the value 1 or 0 1 - activated 0 - disabled that is, this command if executed will do absolutely nothing because it is a cvar, a value already set the sv_maxunlag command refers to the time between compensations this command is set to default 0.5 ping compensation does not resolve players' ping. ping compensation refers to the smooth running of players' movements that is, if we have player x with ping 200 and player y with ping 100, then the server will compensate for these pings and player x will have ping 150 and player y will have ping 150 that would be one of the situations another solution to ping compensation would be that when a high ping player enters the server, the server itself will run slower if the value sv_unlag will be 0 the compensation will no longer exist this will make us see their movements according to their ping When there are high ping players, we will see them moving intermittently on the server or crashing in the air, etc. sv_unlag and sv_maxunlag commands were used before because the respective hlds version then had a bug that set these values to 0, when someone enters with a high ping then the players complained that they saw him moving interrupted, then they set this command/commands to value 1 and 0.5 respectively. most often the bug was encountered on sv_unlag because it was disabled with the advancement of the hlds version, this bug disappeared, and the command was applied more on the facade, so that the players thought that "they received unlag" the solution would be for these settings to be default, ie sv_unlag set to 1 and sv_maxunlag set to 0.5 sorry for the late reply, now i saw him
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