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    WHAT TO DO !!

    remember that before downloading you must check the version and compatibility with your android or your connection or it depends on where you downloaded the ts3. hope it helps you
  2. you have more activity but it solves the ts3 problem pro good luck
  3. Artist: billie eilish Real Name: Billie Eilish Pirate Baird O'Connell Birth Date /Place: Los Ángeles, California; 18 de diciembre de 2001 Age: 19 years old Social status (Single / Married): single Artist Picture: Musical Genres: Alternative pop electropop pop indie pop Awards: Grammy Award for Best Recording of the Year, Grammy Award for Album of the Year, Grammy Song of the Year Award,Grammy Award for Best New Artist Top 3 Songs (Names): Bad Guy, When the Party's Over, Everything I Wanted Other Information: In October 2015, Eilish recorded the single “Ocean Eyes. ” The theme came up at the request of one of his dance teachers, who had asked him to choreograph with original music. Finneas O’Connell lent her the song she had originally written for her band, but suggested to Billie that she perform it herself. “Ocean Eyes” was uploaded to the SoundCloud platform in 2016 and became a viral phenomenon, with more than two million views on Spotify in its first year. This led the artist to create an official YouTube channel, where she uploaded a video clip and the choreography she had created. 13 After signing a contract with Interscope Records, the song was officially released on November 18 of the same year and received good reviews from critics, even though Billie was only 15 at the time of her debut. 16 17 In September 2018 she won the Dis RIAA platinum after having sold a million copies.
  4. _teory_

    [Musicians] sech

    Musician Name: sech Birthday / Location: was born on December 3, 1993, originally from Rio Abajo, Panama. Main instrument: Piano; voice. Record label, Rich Music Musician Picture: Musician Awards & Nominations: Latin Grammy Award for Best Urban Song, Billboard Prize for Latin Music to Latin Song, Billboard Latin Music Award for Artist of the Year, Debut, Youth Prize to The Perfect Mixture Best Performance: trophy, better, flying Other Information: Of Afro-Panamanian descent, he said he is of humble origin and began working when he was a minor and “sold everything that was legal to make money. ” Her parents are pastors, and she has said that her family is very attached to Christianity. 4 He began performing live with his brother in a duo called The Beginners, with whom they released some demos, but the group disbanded and over the next few years, Sech turned to production and adopted the name DJ Sech as a producer. 5 6 7 At age 19, with the help of his friend Rafita, they started a producer duo called Combo De Oro, with which they produced some songs for singers known as Dubosky, but the duo also ended up disbanding and Sech chose to be a solo singer.
  5. Music Title: The Alpha “The Boss” x Dowba Montana x MarkB – Blade Blade (Official Video) Signer: ElAlfaElJefeTV Release Date: 20 oct. 2021 Official YouTube Link: Information About the Signer: Your Opinion About the Track (Music Video):
  6. [news] [sport] [Lifestyle] [Economics] [auto-moto]
  7. The new model will replace the i8 in the safety tasks that are performed in the electric motorcycle serial. Despite not competing actively with its bikes, BMW has long been involved in the International Motorcycle Federation (FIM) World Speed Championships by providing its spectacular Safety Car. Remember that BMW M is the “Official Car of MotoGP”, and also the FIM MotoE World Cup, the electric motorcycle category. After the summer break, we’ll see the MotoE Safety Car debut of the i4 M50, which will replace the previous BMW i8 on the job as a safety car. The event is at the next Austrian Grand Prix to be held on August 15th at the Red Bull Ring. The new safety car is based on the BMW i4 M50, which will go on sale in Europe next November. This model is equipped with two electric motors, one on each axle and develops 400 kW of maximum power (544 Hp) as well as four-wheel drive. BMW says the M sports division got its hands on the chassis to improve the car’s dynamic performance, offering a unique experience thanks to a sound system specifically developed for BMW M electric cars. “With the BMW i4 M50 we are entering a new era, our first M with an all-electric drive train. We are demonstrating that everything that people have come to value about M, the typical emotional driving experience with sportiness, power and dynamics, is also possible in an all-electric vehicle. While the production version of the four-door Grand Coupé will hit the market in the autumn, our fans can enjoy its world premiere on the race track this summer”, said Markus Flasch, CEO of BMW M GmbH. The FIM MotoE World Cup has been part of the MotoGP World Championship since 2019, and in which BMW also provides safety cars, in this case the M3, M4, M5 and the M 1000 RR
  8. Across the world, consumers and businesses face a shortage of products, ranging from coffee to charcoal. One of the main causes of the problem is the disruption in international trade resulting from the covid-19 pandemic, but there are many other elements at play. Experts warn that there may be fewer products available at Christmas time and that bottlenecks in supply chains may extend for several months. Electronics, cars or toys are stored in containers on cargo ships that do not reach port or are waiting for space for maritime transport. At the same time, the semiconductor crisis, another collision of the pandemic, keeps some companies in doubt about their ability to meet a demand that has grown in the context of the 2021 economic recovery. Added to this is the energy crisis that is hitting several regions of the world, amidst strong inflationary pressures. These are examples of products that are in short supply or delayed in some of the world’s largest economies and Latin America. China: Coal and Paper A “perfect storm” in China is affecting customers and businesses, both at home and abroad. Shortages are affecting almost everything from paper, food, textiles and toys to chips for iPhones, explains Michal Meidan, a researcher at the Oxford Institute for Energy Studies. Many of those items, he adds, “may end up with little supply at Christmas. ” The problem is mainly due to an electricity crisis, which has caused power cuts to more than 20 provinces in China. More than half of the country’s electricity comes from coal, the price of which has risen worldwide. These costs cannot be passed on to Chinese consumers due to strict price controls, so energy companies are cutting back on production. Coal production has also been affected by new mine security controls, stricter environmental standards and recent floods, says Meidan. That means that even as demand for Chinese products increases, factories have been asked to cut back on energy use or close for a few days.
  9. The Mexican architect is the owner of a singular career in which housing and social spaces coexist with bourgeois houses that update modern tradition. Using ancestral materials and techniques, he defends the idea that beauty is a basic right independent of income. In the College of San Ildefonso, founded by the Jesuits next to the Zócalo of the Mexican capital, Rozana Montiel (Mexico City, 49) shows her work in three rooms not far from the portrait of Hernán Cortés and La Malinche painted by José Clemente Orozco. In the houses of Montiel there are privileges and also lack of means. There are plastic arts and architecture. This is why the exhibition combines low-cost projects, linear parks and bourgeois houses that seek to update modern tradition by adapting it to the place where they have been built. Energetic and willing, Montiel works alone with a team that varies between two and eight people. She teaches at Cornell University (New York) and has earned a reputation for solvent, imaginative and committed. Why are you interested in designing for a po[CENSORED]tion as large as forgotten by architecture? As architects we have a social responsibility. More in Mexico. Here the differences are abysmal. I grew up in the western part, the rich area of the city, where the Chapultepec Forest is, there’s more water and vegetation. The east, the poor part, is an arid area with little vegetation and informal settlements. However, we have seen how colonies that started out as self-construction have been transformed into consolidated neighbourhoods. It happened in Neza (Ciudad Nezahualcóyotl), which now has up to an urban grid. What made you think it could improve the lives of those who live in a way that is very different from yours? Una inquietud personal. Comenzó cuando estudiaba arquitectura, no porque nos enseñaran a prestar atención a cómo vive la mayoría de la gente, sino porque la Universidad Iberoamericana donde estudié se construyó en Santa Fe, que era un vertedero, después de que el terremoto de 1985 dañara la sede original. Eran terrenos de muy bajo coste que nadie quería. Y cuando yo iba a clase, el olor a basura era impresionante. El contraste entre lo que estaba aprendiendo en la universidad, que además es un centro privado, y la realidad que la rodeaba me despertó. Hoy es costosísimo vivir en esa zona, convertida en una ciudad superpoblada, mal pensada y sin espacios públicos. En 20 años he visto un cambio drástico que no es lo que quiero hacer como arquitecta.
  10. The tournament progresses and some teams remain on the path to victory, while others begin to say goodbye to the title fight. Talleres de Córdoba visited Racing de Avellaneda, in a match with several incidents (one knocked out on the side and one penalty for the home team) achieved a very important victory, he won 2 to 1 thanks to two goals, the victory came after a volleyball left-handed by Enzo Diaz, from outside the area five minutes to go. Lanús was the other leader until this day, because he couldn’t keep that spot, his visit to Rosario left him with nothing, he lost 2 to 1 and relegated his privileged spot. He didn’t even finish second in the standings, River’s position thanks to a tight, but at the same time justified 1-0 win over Arsenal. Another winner is Estudiantes de la Plata, beat 2 to 1 to Patronato as a visitor, Zielinski already total 23 units and are fourth. Boca also won, almost without margin defeating the always difficult Atlético de Tucumán by 2 to 1, although he is still 8 points from Talleres, Sebastian Battaglia knows he can’t lose more units from now on, if the intention is to make the Olympic lap. Independiente recovered from his last game, he had just lost to Lanús and now he added three again, beat Huracán at Parque Patricios 1-0 and is in fifth place. The winning goal was scored by Alan Soñora in the first stage. San Lorenzo, on the other hand, lost again, this time to Rosario Central, in an even match with both the only cash was Canalla, at least on the only goal of the match, scored by Luca Martinez Dupuy at 85 minutes of play. On the date 13 that starts this Friday, we highlight Workshops vs Central; Central Cordoba facing River and Boca vs Colón de Santa Fe.
  11. During a speech in the town of Galipán, the Chavista leader promised to constitute the first communal city in Venezuela, if the controversial law discussed by the official NA were approved. Although it was unclear in their statements, social media users expressed their fear of the possible construction of urban developments within the national park. Nicolas Maduro caused outrage on social media on October 20, 2021 with a few words. From the town of Galipán, in El Avila, he assured that it will constitute a communal city in the heart of the Waraira Repano National Park. The proposal will be conditional on the approval of the Law on Communal Cities, currently under discussion in the pro-government National Assembly. “I guarantee you that right here on this mountain, once you pass the law, I will sign into law the Communal Cities Act with my signature as Head of State and make Waraira Repano the first communal city in the country”, he said. His message was short and ambiguous. Shortly before, he had praised the productive system of the communes of Galipán, a tourist and peasant village located in the mountains. So far, it is not known whether Maduro’s plan would be to give Galipán and its surrounding communities the rank of communal city, or to build new settlements. The main reason for rejection of Maduro’s proposal on social networks was the ecological risk involved in installing urban developments in El Avila. Its inhabitants fear that the communal city will cause an ecocide of the so-called vegetable lung of Caracas. A real scare when you review the history of logging and destruction of green areas by local authorities in recent years.
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