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Happy boy

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    OWnerCALIFORNIAZM & GFx Designer. Dj ts3
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    V.I.P Csblackdevil
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    Gaza - RAfah

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  1. Have a nice travel idiot ?

    1. P R A T I K
    2. #EVIL BABY
    3. c R a Z y

      c R a Z y

      stop all kiding he is good people and right he make by acident

  2. u deserve it 

    1. c R a Z y

      c R a Z y

      shut [CENSORED] up

  3. salt bae ban GIF

    I hope you learn from your mistakes! ?


  4. you like it? why did you do this? you like rank " Banned" if you say you want to go to calfornlazm we will not reject we was will let u do what you want! but you doing this you deserve this new rank, good luck with it. i hope you like it

  5. and yet here you are 

    there was nothing wrong in geting owner at another sv beside higlife but doing what u did wasnt the right thing to do ? 

  6. congtra my love ❤️ 

    1. ✘[D]aniela 达尼™✘

      ✘[D]aniela 达尼™✘

      give me Pimts para vip yes @M7K. 

      please GIF

    2. M7K.


      Thx my bro! :3

    3. ✘[D]aniela 达尼™✘

      ✘[D]aniela 达尼™✘

      if you give me to buy a vip pliz GIF

  7. Contra when u will make activity come make reqasut . i f u have activity we will accepted u if not u will not be accepted us. good luck
  8. Happy boy


    Welcome . Have fun



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