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[Moto] Honda Monkey Star Wars for 2900 euros: sold out in one day!

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In March, the Honda Monkey Star Wars Limited Edition 2024 was presented in Thailand, of which only 300 units will be manufactured. There will be 150 Dark Side Edition and 150 Light Side Edition. Black dominates on the Dark Side and white dominates on the Light Side. In both versions, Star Wars can be read on the gas tank with the saga's typography. Honda has not been content to put a decal here and there, the attention to detail is enormous, from the gas tank cap to the side covers. In the Dark Side version you can see Darth Vader, the Emperor, the bad guys' ships and different details related to the Dark Side. While the one on the Light Side appears Luke Skywalker armed with the lightsaber and Jedi Master Yoda. Each unit is numbered, the Dark Side with an image of Darth Vader and a TIE fighter and the Light Side with a white and blue representation of the R2D2 robot. In addition to two keychains with those decorations.




One of the most curious details is that some of the iconic phrases from the saga are engraved on the swingarm, such as when Yoda tells Luke Skywalker: do or not do. There is no try (do it or not. Don't try it). In addition to the unforgettable: I am your father.



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