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[Accepted] [Cerere Designer] Sans


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Be sure to check this topic again and READ it: It is done 😄 
Age: 21

Contact(Steam, TS3, Discord etc): TS3, steam, discord as you wish 😄 
Experience in Adobe Photoshop(Months or years): Its like 1 year.. But hardly worked in this year.

Obligatory attach your Gallery link (If you have one):  Sorry but i own other communities work.. since i worked for the most of them.

Any other editing program you use?: Sometimes website ones like and also some illustrator and lightroom..
What version of Photoshop do you use?: CS6
In what section you have your most contribution?: Can be active in the whole design 😄 
Have you read all the rules from each section?: yeah

How many hours you want to dedicate to forum & gfx?: Just replying to every work and trying to make it alive back.. challenging and making aotw

➥Do you agree that once accepted, you need dedicate a few hours of your daily time to the forum/gfx/ts3: yeah could insreace my active on ts3

➥Do you agree that once accepted, we as a team need to communicate more so we know each other's time: yeah sure.

➥Do you agree that once accepted, we 100% need a way of contacting you, either is from forum's PM, TS3, Discord or any other contact method: contact me pm ( i don't ignore 😄 also discord or any thing you want )..
What can you say about you that will make us interested about your Photoshop skills & experience?(Minimum 10 words): It is like i dont like to see any designer make a better style than me.. i try to improve on every and i got lessons from the legend designers 😄 and they are still my friends.

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u have a great work and make a great activity, i want to tell you here we are family before we are designers, the competition is good but it's better with respect. we helping everyone, learning from the others designers, we not just editing a pic.

2nd thing creat a Gallery

i'l give a chance to join the family for me BHw2cA3.png

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In general you got 4 works on our community, 3 of them are visible and one got hidden by our coordinator due to the missing of watermark...

you have no gallery yet, besides you're talking about your work with other communities.


In the other hand you got some pretty works, besides i like that challenging attitude of yours (if you consider it as a competitor not as an enemy)


my question for you is: let's say you got accepted and you are part of our team, why would we trust you and give you access on our category? since you said you work for other communities...



I'd give you my pro already, but i'm really not sure about trusting you to get access.

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If we come in reality bro.. I just said that im a free designer which works on every community as a member.. cuz i sometimes get soo much free works so i got no place to spend time.. so i keep replying to the posts related to another communities.. but ofc becoming a gfx designer here will keep me there active more than the rest.. also i got a gallery but has another works watermark only the title not the full domain.. so if you want me to post them ofc i will 😄 

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11 minutes ago, Sans said:

You can give me stocks to make a banner / logo / avatar that will be better to show you my art 😄 

And in the future ofc depend on how much peoples requesting i will make a gallery..


This is not necessary at the moment from what I have seen your work in the request...


You have some good works with effects, texts, gradients, etc.


You are accepted in the team as GFX




Note: Remember that it is mandatory to create a gallery otherwise it will be removed if you do not create one



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