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    [Sport] "Wrong focus": reflection on Pablo Solari, Colo Colo's new bet for his attack

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    He has not yet made his debut in the First Division, but Pablo Solari (19, 1.81m.) Is already getting ready to live an experience abroad. The Argentine striker signed with Colo Colo until the end of January 2021, and in his country there is expectation. This is the case of Esteban Solari, who was his coach in the 'Albiceleste' Sub 18 who participated in the Cotif L'Alcudia tournament in 2019. Any relationship between the two by surname? The DT explains it.

    "It's just a coincidence (laughs). When we closed the championship list, it was the easy joke: 'Solari comes because he's a relative' and it was never like that. We rely on people and then on performance," says the former footballer in dialogue with AS. It was a contest in which Solari, trained at Talleres de Córdoba, registered a goal in four games and shared offense with Brandon Cortés.

    - Did Pablo's jump to Colo Colo surprise you? Basically because he has not made his debut in First yet.
    - I found out on Friday and we just discussed it with the U20 team coaching staff. The truth is that it was a joy, not a surprise. We know Pablo's qualities, and that is why he was in our process and I had to direct him when we went to L'Alcudia. There he had an excellent performance. It made me happy. Talleres has a very good school ...

    - What are the main virtues of Pablo Solari?
    - To begin with, he is a player who has to make his steps in the First Division and it is necessary to take it little by little, because although he is a boy who has all the qualities, professional football requires a greater demand. He is an excellent person, a good companion. He is committed and professional. Then it has technical and physical characteristics. In one on one he is very good, he has good acceleration with the ball and tactically has a good vision of the game. He is intelligent and applied, with which he understands what the coach asks of him. That is one of its best virtues.

    - Do you liken it to a footballer?
    - Ugh, how difficult. I think he is a footballer who can play in various forward positions and can perform. The most important thing is that he has the ability to score and give goals to his teammates.





    - And what would be the point that should improve in Colo Colo?
    - I think he has to settle in the First Division like any youth player. It has all the qualities to make the leap. The first thing is to be accompanied by a team and to have the possibility of making mistakes like any boy. If we are going to put him on the court to wait for him to perform and save a team, I don't think that will happen. Unlike. You always have to allow time for the players to feel comfortable. Surely as the games go by, he will perform.

    - I reviewed a video that analyzed Pablo's game and he looked comfortable on the sides, although when he was late to receive the ball in the middle it was difficult ...
    - Without a doubt. It is the position where I could use it in the championship of L'Alcudia. He generally plays on the left wing, because he likes to go inside, and I liked him a lot on the right wing because he fulfilled a specific function within the National Team. He did very well. In fact, he even scored goals and assisted. It is where it performs best.

    - Under what scheme did you play in L'Alcudia?
    - We use it with a 4-2-3-1 and a 4-3-3. It does both functions because it has a lot of sacrifice and can return. You can also play wide on the wing and attack on the inside to give freedom on the pass to the wings.

    - How is Pablo Solari on a day-to-day basis? Off the pitch ...
    - He is a very measured boy, very respectful. Keep in mind that he comes from the Workshop School, with a process since 2015 with Andrés Fassi and a very serious job. They are also training people. Pablo is not one of the most outgoing, but he is not shy either.

    - What makes Pablo feel more comfortable so that his game transcends on the field?
    - I think they are issues that the coach will have to commission. To make any player feel comfortable, you have to give him minutes and confidence. Then obviously it will depend on what the DT wants. It is always good to talk to the player and have good communication. You also have to understand that he is 19 years old, and you have to take him with the times that his age asks for.


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