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    1. m4m3t_x

      [CSO] - Maps Suggestions

      Pro for zm_evil-night, others i don't agree because they were not made for CSO or the Hero mod. otherwise you will see players leaving because the have no chance to deal on such maps. zm_tonga is one of the most relevant maps for CSO, with a little human tactic as they should do its easy to survive on it... teaming and surviving is the humans job, even i don't see any bugs or server crash due to this map. the opposite for zm_five we see many people dies when the round starts! me & @Joker9765 @Maizen Aiane AO @MAMBA @Polito we were a great team at zm_tonga, and we survived a
    2. happy to you ? AFTER THIS of course i'm not happy to you lol
    3. First of all,The "roh t9awed" term is a po[CENSORED]r Algerian word ( Morocco, Tunisia as well but mostly Algerian), its not an insult and its exactly means "get the hell away from me" + don't talk to me you know i'm not your friend and i blocked you on Facebook because of your insults. tell "Asegas amegas" to your certain type of your friends [Kabyle] no to me... you know there is only few people in Algeria who say this and i'm not one of them. Contact Information YouTube : m4m3t ;x Discord : m4m3tss#7178 Twitt
    4. PRO Contact Information YouTube : m4m3t ;x Discord : m4m3tss#7178 Twitter : m4m3tss
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    8. m4m3t_x

      Suggestions Map

      This is CSO MOD not Zombie plague, Humans Need tunnels to hide at, especially when we don't have jetpacks, ammopacks and unlimited clip, it's impossible to survive... you can just keep running and using parachute strafe, and the only skilled at strafing will survive. there are more useful maps for CSO MOD! Contact Information YouTube : m4m3t ;x Discord : m4m3tss#7178 Twitter : m4m3tss
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    12. Kind of agree about the Thunderbolt, but 2000 HeadShot is too much for it unless they set its Level at +75, but for now its damage and AW50 can be exchanged it would be a great idea. also i'm going for about the zombie Madness, if its limited its gonna be much better. thanks for the suggestion and regards Contact Information YouTube : m4m3t ;x Discord : m4m3tss#7178 Twitter : m4m3tss



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