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  1. Nickname: 3BEPb FORTEzZA Real name: Martynas Age: 31 Country: Born in lithuania (living in UK - LONDON) Experience as admin: i have my own servers like 10 years ago, and i was moderator for some good lithuanian servers, but i give up for cs and now i'm back) Why do you want to be admin here: i love control, i hate looking for admins to do the right thing when i am playing. (and it's to expencive for me to buy...) Steam On/Off: steam player 8 years of service You can donate: not much , even that fakt i live in london dont make me rich.i have to take care of my son and missis. Other: need more rules what admins dont have to do. and if they do must be the reason. other wise BAN. (admin)