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  1. Nickname: abdenather: D Ip: Steam-id: STEAM_1:0:648743013 Motiv: aim Dovada:
  2. Nickname: BlAgqwe!! Ip: Steam-id: STEAM_1:0:1700514464 Motiv: wall Dovada:
  3. Nickname: <<P.R.O.FeSsOR>> Ip: Steam-id: STEAM_1:0:1649525776 Motiv: wall Dovada:
  4. Nickname: you[CENSORED] Ip: Steam-id: STEAM_1:0:813950933 Motiv: aim Dovada:
  5. Nickname: Hodo Ip: Steam-id: STEAM_1:0:850208631 Motiv: wall Dovada:
  6. Nickname: seNz0R Ip: Steam-id: STEAM_1:0:662425812 Motiv: aim Dovada:
  7. Nickname: RyZeNN Ip: Steam-id: STEAM_1:0:266783051 Motiv: aim Dovada:
  8. Nickname: Londonezu Ip: Steam-id: STEAM_1:0:1821237472 Motiv: wall Dovada:
  9. Nickname: Lapticul Ip: Steam-id: STEAM_1:0:1464260549 Motiv: wall Dovada:
  10. Nickname: IoNu7zZ Ip: Steam-id: STEAM_1:0:342330964 Motiv: aim Dovada:
  11. Nickname: SG | -QasIm. Ip: Steam-id: STEAM_1:0:364255498 Motiv: wall Dovada:
  12. Nickname: ToGooD Ip: Steam-id: STEAM_1:0:2113773966 Motiv: aim Dovada:
  13. Nickname: burdu /S4! Ip: Steam-id: STEAM_0:0:440928303 Motiv: wall Dovada:
  14. Nickname: UqK | Kosovar Meine National Ip: Steam-id: STEAM_1:0:1647459369 Motiv: wall Dovada:

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