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VIP 1.0 - ZP 6.2 PLUGIN





- You will be shown as VIP in score bar;

- White suite;

- Damage increased;

- Free anti-infection armor round by round;

- Multi-Jumps;

- Other awesome vips features ( in the next update ).



VIP 1.0 plugin benefits:

- Configurable values for the Damage/Armor/Multi-jumps from a .cfg file

- Editable access with the letters (abcde) from a separate vips.ini file without interacting with the admins flags

- Editable MOTD file to use the ( /vip ) command in chat


Note: future updates to VIP plugin will be free.

Note': This plugin will be licensed on IP & DNS

VIP price: 50 euros.

Contact: Mr.Love

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