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    [Auto] The Fiat 500X Cabrio could arrive before 2022 T-Roc Cabrio trembles…!

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    During the first decade of this century, cabrio body vehicles occupied a special place in manufacturers' ranges. The public wanted them and the brands offered a really wide variety. The problem is that the SUV's made an appearance and changed the rules that had been imposed. So much so that, except for a couple of options, not one remains. Of course, crossovers as rare as the Volkswagen T-Roc Cabrio have emerged.

    Before him came the Nissan Murano Cabrio and Land Rover Range Rover Evoque Cabrio. Both are history but the German C-SUV seems to be reaping good sales figures. For this reason, another heavyweight in the segment would have decided to follow in his footsteps. Yes, because if the sources are correct we could meet the Fiat 500X Cabrio very soon. What does that sound like crazy? Well, we already know why the FCA Group would get into this mess.

    Can you imagine the Fiat 500X Cabrio? We have an idea ...

    Fiat 500C Dolcevita MY2021

    They want to take advantage of the commercial pull that the small 500's open body has. In addition, there would also be another factor that would encourage them: to finish squeezing the current generation of the 500X. And you will wonder how they are going to do it? Well, they would not complicate life since their objective is to obtain the highest possible profitability and for that they would follow the path of the 500C. That is, it will not follow the pace set by the T-Roc Cabrio.

    Everything indicates that the hypothetical Fiat 500X Cabrio would maintain its current configuration. That is to say, that unlike the German SUV it would not do without the rear doors or modify its appearance. In their case they will bet on including a large folding canvas roof that, as in the case of the 500C, would be housed on the boot lid. In this way, structural modifications and weight gain would be minimal. That, not to mention the cost.

    For now we must take this information with caution, although various sources suggest that it is real and valid. As much, as a person in charge of the FCA Group would have already pointed to a possible arrival date. In his words it would be on the market before 2022 hits the calendar. We will have to wait for his next step and if the spy photographers manage to capture an image that illuminates our ideas.

    All in all, would you buy a Fiat 500X Cabrio? Giving an answer is complicated, but considering that its versatility will be greater than that of the T-Roc Cabrio, its appeal increases. Another thing will be when, if it arrives, they announce its official price. In addition, when Carlos Tavares takes possession of Stellantis, the project still goes through the guillotine and ends with him to develop the second generation of the 500X. What do you think?

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