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[PC Games] Xbox bans Final Fantasy XIV players due to a misunderstanding

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Final Fantasy XIV Online debuted more than 10 years ago and, although it had a rocky start, it managed to stay relevant and become one of the most po[CENSORED]r MMORPGs on the market. For a long period, it was only available for PlayStation and PC consoles, but it finally came to Xbox. Of course, its premiere on Microsoft platforms was not far from problems.

Square Enix's multiplayer video game held a Beta period at the beginning of 2024 on Xbox Series X|S, and it was not until March 21 that it finally officially debuted on said platform. Additionally, users have until April 19 to redeem the Starter Edition with their Xbox Game Pass Ultimate membership.

It seems that thousands of gamers answered the call and started playing the Japanese MMORPG on their Microsoft consoles; However, a misunderstanding has already caused some fans to receive an unjustified ban.




Through a post on Reddit, user TGB_B20k shared his case and caught the attention of the community. Specifically, he announced that, after trying to recruit some players for his Free Company, he received a ban that will prevent him from using the console's online functions for 60 days.

For those who are not familiar with Final Fantasy XIV, Free Company are the communities that make up the guild or clan system. Basically, players join a group where they can collaborate with others to do quests or share resources.

TGB_B20kEn theorizes that the term “Free Company” is what caused the problem. As he explains in his post, it seems that Xbox confuses this concept and thinks that it refers to self-promotion or that it has some double meaning that violates community standards.



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