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[F.A.Q] I forgot my account password its @Itz Moha


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On 3/27/2024 at 3:11 PM, Joseph-19 said:

Your Nickname: Joseph
Your Problem: I forgot my account password its @Itz Moha  The email address for my old account has been deleted, so I cannot change the password via email


It is difficult to recover your account here. You have to think about Gmail. Like you, I forgot the password. Gmail lost the best account I had. Do everything in your power to think about the Gmail password in order to recover your account.

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Honestly, I faced this problem previously, and I lost my account, which I created in 2014,

and I could not recover it. I created this account in 2020,

So if the Gmail has been deleted, frankly, it is difficult to recover it, so the problem is difficult to solve.

I do not know if the Administrators here can recover it for you.

I hope for you. Therefore, if you do not find a solution,

Start fresh with a new account
This is my opinion, Good luck!

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