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For Admins that stay AFK


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Due to high activity of some of us, on the server, we encouraged you all to stay afk as much as you can, especially in night time when we have few players.

But, to avoid another ban on GT, we must follow some few and simple rules:


1. When you are about to exceed 8-9 hours on the server, please disconnect from the server; wait like 3-4-5 minutes to reset hours on GT (from 8-9 to 0), then reconnect to server. This is mandatory!

2. When you leave it afk, please enable auto-attack. This is MANDATORY also!

Binds for auto-attack here: (copy paste each one)

Enable The Bind: 

bind "/'" ";+attack ;+forward ;+left"

Disable The Bind: 

bind ";" ";-attack ;-forward ;-left"

Those that exceed 8 hours will be kicked by the staff, so dont worry if you find yourself kicked from server, we monitor constantly your hours.
If you want to help us, please re-connect every 8 hours on server like i mentioned on point 1.


Also, good job team, proud of you all! 🙂

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