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[V.G.R] Request Lexman.


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  • Nickname : Lexman
  • Age: 18
  • Profile Link:
  • How much time you can be active in Forum & TS3: 24/7
  • Link of Reviews you have posted recently: 
  • How much you rate VGame Reviewers Team 1-15: 10
  • Why do you want be part of the Reviewer's team: help to all staff again 🙂
  • Any suggest you want to make for your Request: Implementing ideas was always one of the greatest ideals when I was active for a while, back, I will do the same again with this project that I was part of a while ago.
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2 hours ago, Vinicius™ said:

Keep calm you started doing the projects almost 1 weeks ago, and also you have 11 total make but activity and come back after a week!



I think like my comrade. Is so quickly for ur request. 

But prove us that you really want to be a part of this proyect. So in these days made activity... untill the final answer. In other words pending for my part

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