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F.A.Q : 


We have 3 types of topics that can be posted in VGame Reviewers Project : Review , News & Updates


  1. Review : reviewing a videogame is about understanding how a game should function and whether that experience works as intended . 
  2. News : posting news about a video game that came out lately , a game making profits , shuting down , making giveaways .... ect .
  3. Update : Posting an update that was released , for example : new champion , new patch , new map .... ect


Rules :


  • Make sure before you post that you are in the correct area , we have are for PC Games / Console Games & Mobile Games , also if you posting a review make sure that you are in the review are , same goes for news & updates.
  • You must post your topic in english .
  • The title must be : [Review] , [News] , [Update] - Example : [Review] The Last Of Us , [Update] League Of Legends New Patch Notes
  • Review must have at least 2 images & one video 
  • News must have at least 1 image
  • Update must have at least 1 image & the full informations about it .
  • Make sure to post the source of the topic ( link ) at the very bottom .
  • The topics will be checked and approved by the VGame Reviewers Team , Their Desicion is final , if you think that your topic has been hidden for no reason and that you have respected all the rules contact a leader of coordinato whitout starting arguments with the team .
  • All the topics will be locked after 24h 
  • Make sure the topic is not posted before , otherwise it will be hidden .
  • Make sure you don't post  sexually & images or pornographic on your topic , it will be hidden & you will be warned on the community .
  • Any Topic That Isn't good enough will be hidden directly , ( Bad Quality ) .
  • You can post 2 of each , Example 1 Review & 1 Update Or News per 24h.


Notes : 


  • If you posted a PC Game make sure to add system requirements of the game 
  • Make sure to add the link where u got the informations from ( same goes for hardware & software ) .
  • Make sure the title is right 
  • Before posting make sure to read the rules of the sections 
  • Make sure to follow the model on the sections that have one .
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