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[News] Tweak these God of War settings for divine performance and visuals


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Gift Kratos the frame rate he deserves with these tweaks.


The one-time Playstation-exclusive, God of War, has finally made its way onto our beloved PCs. With the promise of higher frame rates, better visuals, and depending on your stance, better controls as well, this is the best way of playing the much-loved game. And the good news is that it does indeed play well on a range of hardware and resolutions. Morgan enjoyed a mostly consistent 90fps at 1080p on his RTX 3060 when reviewing it, while for testing here I've enjoyed a decent 50fps at 4K on an RTX 2080. Dropping the resolution down to 1440p resulted in 80fps, with 1080p returning up to 120fps. Much higher framerates are possible when you dive into the wealth of upscaling tech on offer too, with DLSS and FSR both present.


Let's focus on which settings have the biggest impact on the frame rate at the resolution you are running at. You'll find these options under the Graphics menu of the main Settings screen, just cycle along to the Custom preset and you'll be able to select between Ultra, High, Original and Low. If you've got reasonably up to date hardware, you should be able to set all the settings to Ultra, or High depending on your resolution.

There are a couple of surprises here, not least of which is the minimal impact Model Quality and Texture Quality have on the frame rate. When testing at 4K, there's a mere 2fps difference between the Ultra texture setting and the Minimum offering. Given that the higher quality textures can look better than their low-res counterparts, the fact it has such a small impact on performance means you want to leave this as high as possible.

Reflections are a bit odd too, as reflective surfaces are used sparingly, particularly at the start of the game. It's also the only setting that has an Ultra+ option. If your performance is suffering in highly reflective areas later on, then dropping this down a notch or two is a wise move.

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