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Hello everyone! Guardian of Gaming presents you the second contest on this project, i am so happy that the first competition was successful completed and it did well, let's go for the Third one!

The 3rd contest on Guardian of Gaming, you should understand and know that we made this for you and we want people to participate on this contest, also, ONLY Co-Leaders, Members and the people who are not in the project can participate in this contest, Leaders and Coordinators are NOT ALLOWED to participate.



What is the prizes? Down below i will show you the prizes that you will get if you will win.



1. First place (V.I.P 1 months on forum!)

2. Second place (V.I.P 20 Days on forum!)

3. Third place (V.I.P 10 Days on forum!)



Every Contest has Rules, so you must respect them!



  1. If you replied in this topic and you won't come, you will be disqualified and won't be able to join next contest !
  2. You will play 10 Rounds, first who will reach 10 rounds, he will win the match!
  3. Using wallhack/speed/aim is prohibited and you will get disqualified + banned from the server!
  4. Only Coordinators and Leaders can start/stop the match, if any admin will use any command, you will get disqualified!
  5. The contest will be played on de_dust2x2!
  6. Contest will be only 1v1 battle, not in team!
  7. People who participated to the contest must stay Spectator untill you are the next one!
  8. If you join accidentally while the match started, then you will be moved to Spectator team untill your turn will come!
  9. If one of you try to help the player that he plays, you will get disqualified and you won't be able to join next contest!



Every Contest has a model, right? Before posting it, make sure to read rules! I will give example with one of the model.


Your name on forum: 

Your name on server: 


You will be able to come?: 

Do you know if you break the rules, you will be disqualified?: 


Example 1:

Your name on forum: @M.Hassan

Your name on server: Hassan.

Number: 1

You will be able to come?: yes

Do you know if you break the rules, you will be disqualified?: yes


Example 2:

Your name on forum: @Love Pulse

Your name on server: Love Pulse

Number: 2

You will be able to come?: yes

Do you know if you break the rules, you will be disqualified?: yes


The Model is easy and simple, if 1 member posted, he should write at Number 1, the next one will write 2, and so on!



If you want to participate to this Contest you can untill 22.1.2022 21:59 RO. What are you waiting for? Go and reply here in this topic and show to others that you are skilled/pro! Reply here, let's see how many people will participate to the 3rd Contest!


Contest Participation started NOW!




Server IP:

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