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1. Your Nick: @-_-Moltres-_-
2. Age: 17
3. How much time do you spent on PC?: 10-12
4. How much time you are online on TS3?: 11
5. Which games do you play?: Cs.16 Gta 5 NFS
6. How many hours you play in the games noted above?: 1-2
7. Gives us some links and photos of your profiles[steam, blizzard, in-game profile with statistics]: -
8. What do you wish from us?: To Be a Gog help Project

9How much you rate Guardian of Gamings Team 1-10: 9
10. Have you read the Rules?: yes

11. Last 5 topics that you made on our section






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Maybe we will give him chance . Everyone deserve a chance . But don't lose Your focused . And make more activity.



Let see other Opinion.. Good Luck.

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Acest subiect este acum închis pentru alte răspunsuri.
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