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Cyber Apex is a template based mainly on gaming but with many options to change the look. It has the dark and light version but also with a lot of options to change the colors, wallpapers, etc.

Links & Info :

  • [ buy this template ]
  • [ Here you can find our demo templates ]
  • [ Here you can find support for our themes ]
  • Demo account [ name : [email protected] ] [ password : demo ] 
  • If you are a client, send me a pm on [ and you will get acces to client area ]



  • Color Picker [ 6 colors ]
  • Background Picker [ 6 backgrounds ]
  • Dark & Light mode Switch
  • Fluid width Switch [ Switch between Fixed and Fluid ]
  • Show / Hide Sidebar
  • Chose sublist columns [ 2 / 3 ]
  • Show / Hide Back To Top Button



  • Redesigned header menu [ now works with menu manager ]
  • Clean css code [ with vars ]
  • Redesigned Header
  • Redesigned Post Container
  • And Much More



  • This new version is available just from 4.6


Plugins Used:

  • General Statistics [ write me and i will send you the plugin ]
  • Chatbox Free


  • Ador 2
  • Genial 1
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Update 1.1

- We fixed the border on profile for white version, the var was blank, now it's fine.

Added in this version 
- Countdown wich contains this options :

  • Enable / Disable 
  • Upload a background for countdown
  • Chose background opacity
  • Countdown title
  • Customizable message when the event is over
  • Set the date
  • Change the names for [days, hours, minutes, seconds] if you are using another language

- Special Subforum Tab wich contains this options [ this tab is for people who want to hightlight some subforums ]:

  • Enable / Disable
  • You can chose between theme color or special color chosed by your self
  • You can chose another icon for special forums, by default is using a diamond " <i class="far fa-gem"></i> " or you can use normal icon like other non special forums
  • You can put a tooltip for special forums, by default is set with the title of " This is a special forum ] -> you can chose if you want a tooltip or not
  • How to add / remove new id's : Go in theme editor ->  forums -> front -> index -> forumRow and search for this line " {{if in_array($subforum->_id, array("4", "16", "17"))}} " and add or remove new id's

- Added new badge topic, clean no more big badge
- Added swiper slider for sponsors wich contains :

  • Enable or disable slider
  • Enable or disable slider dots
  • Enable or disable auto slider
  • Enable or disable custom slides
  • You can put what title you want to slider widget from ACP -> by default is sponsor
  • You have 3 slides by default, with 3 upload spaces in acp, if you want to create more, you need to upload the images local in theme resources if you want to keep SSL ON
  • Space to add new slides
  • Set the slider height ( we recomend 144px )
  • Set the delay for auto slider ( in miliseconds ) -> by default 2500
  • Enable or disable auto slider on interaction
  • Set the direction for slider ( vertical or horizontal )














Special Forums & New Badge







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Update 1.2


Fixed in this version:

  • Resolved slider vertical problem [ it was a bug from swiper slider cdn ], tell us if you still encounter this problem
  • Theme responsivness is now fixed on index
  • Now the customizer button it will apear just if you are logged in on mobile version
  • Fixed the back to top & copyright button on mobile version

Added in this version:

  • Theme will come now with a color pink by default [ last color from customizer ]
  • Theme will come now with a def header background [ bg1 from customizer ]
  • We added a button to on/off forums tab on index
  • Now you can select which theme will be default for users who have not yet used customization. You can choose between dark and light! -> by default is dark
  • Now you can dezactivate the button for switching between dark & light, and let just 1 color [ dark or light ] -> both options can be find in ACP -> Index Tab


If you still have problem with switching only for one color, delete the browser cache!

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