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    [D-Harmony Request] Filex Dragneel

    Postări Recomandate

    • Your Nickname ( Must be same like teamspeak ) : Filex Dragneel

    • Your Age : 16

    • Profile link :

    • How much you can stay active in both forum & teamspeak ?  : 5-6h a day for both forum & ts3

    • How you could help us a Devil harmony member ? : hmm not sure , by active and giving some ideas for the project (wheenver these ideas comes in mind)

    • How much you rate Devil harmony project from 1 - 10 ? : 8/10

    • Other informations about your request ? : no

    • Last request link : First


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    • Devil Harmony

    Hello Filex, to be honest I have the opposite opinion than the others.

    I would give you contra, because I dont see any activity in our project, I dont know if you were a member of it and you left, I dont know if the guys know you and thats the reason, they give you pro. 

    I dont have any problem with you, but in my mind, first we are active on smth, and then we are ready to be a part of it. 


    My opinion doesnt matter so much because everyone already gave you the chance, at least I hope you will take advantage of it. 


    Good luck man and enjoy it! 

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