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[GFX Tasks] HoRror 乡18

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Hello @HoRror 乡18 and welcome ,


In this topic i will be posting your GFX Tasks 

The rules are simple :


-> Try to complete the task in time (before another one is posted)

-> If you are inactive, PM me or @nanelu and tell us why !

-> If you don't complete the task you will get a charcoal, for 3 charcoals in a row you will be getting removed from the GFX Helper !

-> Every details about the task is here.

-> The final creation should be posted in this topic.


For the first task i will keep it simple to see your works and where u stand currently in designing skills , you will work on the stock bellow : 


Kylie Jenner's Hair Colors: See Every Shade She Has Worn |


Type : Avatar 

Text : Kylie

Size : 150 x 250


The due time for this task is: 14.12.2020 !


if you face any problems or have any question my pm is open & i am available at teamspeak .

Good Luck !

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On 12/11/2020 at 11:46 PM, HoRror 乡18 said:

Task Work: 

kylie-1 Kylie


As i said your design is not bad you know what you're doing , try to reduce the brush Opacity , everything else is good .


for the second task i need you to make an avatar again with the stock bellow : 




Type : Avatar 

Size : 150 x 250 

i am happy with ur first task so you can chose the text you like .


The due time for the task : 16-12-2020 !


Good Luck .

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On 12/14/2020 at 2:39 AM, HoRror 乡18 said:

Task Work:



Perfect love the creation you made , you next task will be 

Type : Avatar 

Size : 150 x 250 

Text : alina

Stock : 



Other Informations : use this border : fI8XDa8


Another task : 


Type : Signature

Size : 400 x 180

Text : Lightsaber

Stock : 


Star Wars HD Wallpaper | Background Image | 1920x1280 | ID:972995 -  Wallpaper Abyss


Other Informations : Use the effect : 



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