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    Schimbari/ changes on CSBLACKDEVIL?!

    Postări Recomandate


    Ce schimbari ai aduce comunitatii daca ai fi administrator?


              In cadrul acestui topic vrem sa aflam ce schimbari ati face voi daca ati fi Administratori pe comunitate. Dorim sa vedem propuneri cat mai interesante care ar ajuta comunitatea din perspectiva voastra.

    Propunerile cele mai bune vor fi analizate de staff-ul comunitatii si puse in aplicare de la caz la caz.






    What changes would you bring to the community if you were an administrator?


              Under this topic we want to know what changes would you do if you were community managers. We want to see more interesting proposals that would help the community from your perspective.

    The best proposals will be reviewed by community staff and implemented.



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    Salutare , Howdy dear Black Devils members & Administrative team . 

    Before Starting , i would leave some great and kind wishes for this wonderful Christmas , may all of you are having amazing moments ! 


    So i will try to be honest , clear and more convincing in my advices , suggestions and my own point of view regarding the current statistics of my beautiful community which i will always serve it with the best as possible as i can ! 


    Since 2 May 2012 till this moment , CsBlackDevil is the only community named as a successful romainian cummunity which support all maturities this why we find users from all around the world and all of them are able to have a direct contact between them with no difficults , CsBlackDevil is one of the rarest romanian communities which is moderated and led by staff who are separated from different countries ( Romanians , Arabians , Latinians , Americans and many more...) and this prove how far our community is trying to reach the best with a high level of knowledge and experience with no racism points . ( By the way i would like to leave a special regards to all the Staff team ) 

    The question is : Is this enough ? 

    Unfortunately , the answer is no ! 

    Even with all the success , achievements that our community has reached but still not enough to reach the unreachable and in this context i will make a full explanations of what i'm thinking and the missing things that it would take us so far and could brand us CsBlackDevil . 

    partnerships : 

    Eerything can grow with the time & efforts but the difference is the time itself , let's take a fruit as an example , in reality some fruits such as orange , Apple , Pear usually found only on their seasons but with some external interventions we can plant them in every season, the point is As this community growed step by step through the efforts made by the team since the creation date till now , we can make more achievements and success in less time through Partnerships .

    - Just try to imagine that CSBD hasn't the KROND SOLUTIONS partnership ? 

    of course we wouldn't find all those famous servers made by our community ! 

    And i'm sure if we hadn't this partnership with krond solution we would find another host and become partners ! 

    the point is : Parntnership is something necessary and have alot of benefits between its partners .  

     So how we apply this partnership ? 

    I would propose to have a partnership with another community until we're talking about the same domain ( Gaming communities ) either sharing their communities between them or just looking for an interesting community which having a high reputation and a full management team and proposing to its founders to join us with their team and get them places in our staff so we get more support , people and new experience with a new managements of course taking into consideration the new ideas that it would be builded and created through them , one hand can't clap but two can ! 


     Expanding : 

    Since the creation date till now CSBD is based on ( CS 1.6 & GO servers / TS3 Server / Forum ) 

    8 years and we still in the same thing ? 

    and if we make an addition will be just applied on the forum ( Ranks / Projects / Theme ) 

    Isn't getting boring ? 

    So why don't we look at the matter ? 

    Lately , we got so many suggestions about creating a Discord Server and always the same answer : We don't need it now , we'll see in the future ? 

    time moving on and we didn't reach future yet ? 

    At least we could give it a try , there is no loss in trying and as we know that Discord servers are free so it will be like a new experience for all of us ! 

    - We could expand in another way , Let's present ourself as a gaming community and try to look forward new games ? Trending games such as ( Fortnite , Valorant , Among us ... ) and try to look for a way to make a place for at least one of them and may be who knows we would be the first community in the world which support one of these games and we all know that the first things are always the populest ! So we would get a new generation of gamers with another sides . 

    The point is try to look for any way can make an addition or an expanding to CSBD  



    Donations : 

    Donation is one the important ways that can help and take us to many features and i will insist on expanding ways one of them 

    YOUTUBE SPONSORISING : We can make a Trailer for CSBD in 30-60 seconds including a short presentation about us ( Of course the trailer will be made by Professional Users ) 

    Example of Donation :

    Donation Goal : Youtube Sponsor 

    of course we take into consideration our donators and we'll provide them a special award as an apprecation and like that we could provide an encouragement to all the users to support us with the amount they can 


    Administration Presence & Events : 

    We're all aware that CSBD community with it's Ex Administrators and the current one will not reach what it reached today this why we need to complete in the same path but i'm thinking to make more efforts to Administrators ! 

    Without calling names , some administrators are completely changed when the got promoted to this rank thinking that they reached the highest level of activities and they aren't required to keep in the same way anymore . And that's the biggest mistake ! 

    Some administrators thinks that they are BOSSES ! 


    You need to prove to them how brave you are not just talking about your past and how you reached it because it's totally useless , show them your skills as an Admin not your Privileges and access ! 

    Show them their successful path and the solution key of any problem , be their teacher and who knows may be one day you will need them ! One day the teacher will become a student !

    Even you @Mr.Love , i've been working in the community since a long time and you almost know me and i'm not talking personally , i would say instead of many audiances that we need to see you with us not just an existing but a presence , try to be with us , try to provide some of your time for your team  even you are always busy , try to listen to us and try to become a friend of your team because they need you with them just like a football team , without a coach they won't sucess ! Be their Leader , Coach , Teacher and friend and trust me they will respond to your wishes and you will see how just a word from you will affect them either in a good way or a bad way depending on the way you treat them , and if they loved you they will serve you by heart !

    And as a last point let's make some events from time to another and change the mood , inviting anyone intersted and we talk to each other , not as a meeting but as homies and we joke , laugh and tell stories to each other in voice so we'll feel the real sense of a gaming environment and friendship !


    i think i would have so many things if i wasn't retired but for now this what i have in mind , hopefully you understood the meaning and do not hesistate to contact me whenever you need anything 

    if you didn't find me here that's my WhatsApp number (+21658089690) 

    Special Regards . 


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    Hello, I have some ideas that could further develop this beautiful forum, namely


    1- Interest in other games that are finally widespread in the world, which could make the forum more months by making teams or clubs in some of these games, such as PUBG or Fortnite, etc. and then entering the YouTube field by making videos from some members and posting them on YouTube


    2 - Work on developing projects related to games, developing a song and music project [ D-H ] , and making live broadcasts on Facebook and others


    3 - Attempting to attract more Arabs to this forum by assigning a group of current Arabs to do so to help them more in the forum and understand how the work is going here.


    4 - Creating a home page in the name of the forum in the Instagram application and publishing short clips of interest and making a funded advertisement for it in Romania, then started in other places of the world that will help make the forum more po[CENSORED]r in Romania and bring new people interested to know how the work is going here. 


    5 - Make a live broadcast in the Twitch application when you play a group game such as @Mr.Love , @Amaranth , @HellFir3 and @vagabond. in WOZ game or other games [ W.O.T] 


    6- Focusing in the field of games and focusing a lot on Social Media and making a contest and a gifts that can bring members interested in obtaining it, such as a small gift on Steam and others


    7- According to studies in psychology, where is the most attractive thing for members and arousing interest is to make those who want to work in this forum feel comfortable and not bored, and some funny things that make them radiate happiness , such as some funny clips while you are playing a game or a funny person’s reaction and publish it


    In general, I mean more interest in marketing the forum on social media , in order to try to develop the forum further


    These are some of the things that occurred to me and I am trying to find out things that could develop the forum and I hope I can help
    And I want to thank you for reading what you wrote. I wish you happy days


    #Peace ❤️ 

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    1-If you really want to see the forum more developed, you just have to retrieve the ancient people here
    Really we need them half on the list Ex-staff

    2- Focusing on the proposals that are rejected, some of them are all useful. I hope you will receive support and talk to Admins+global mod Before something is rejected they have to test the suggestion well

    3-Create more branch, for example. This suggestion, I hope it will be accepted, will be very important here, and I will pay attention to this 







    Editat de Angrry.exe™
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    13 minutes ago, Angrry.exe™ said:

    B occasion I would have had it before you remember what you told me before here

    since 2018 @Mr.Love : i will promisse you that you will be administrator.

    im has always been to the forum, I've been working here since 2013 .....

    I don't want to talk much, working in the forum is better than talking about things that I will do

    If you get a chance to get on administrator

    I will provide good development and something good and new for the forum

    If things were gifted with money, I would pay for them




    This topic is not a charity one where you get Administrator before you prove yourself. So, please don't talk about these things. In this topic you should say what changes would you get to the community if you WERE and administrator. Even if you were here from 2013, there are more members that doesn't event have a rank on the forum that are here from 2013. You did something bad if you didn't got the rank that you wanted. 


    ! Sorry for my reply, but I couldn't leave it like that !

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    11 minutes ago, nanelu said:


    This topic is not a charity one where you get Administrator before you prove yourself. So, please don't talk about these things. In this topic you should say what changes would you get to the community if you WERE and administrator. Even if you were here from 2013, there are more members that doesn't event have a rank on the forum that are here from 2013. You did something bad if you didn't got the rank that you wanted. 


    ! Sorry for my reply, but I couldn't leave it like that !

    You are right. I understood the issue on the wrong way. Modified Thank you

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    • 2 săptămâni mai târziu...

    Ceva activitate serverelor si in acea zona.

    Ceva staff activ sa atraga nu doar membri sa isi faca cont si atat ci sa si posteze/participe tec pe forum. Din ce vad 80% din posturi sunt spammuri de le diferite grupulete de membri care isi sustin prietenii sau ceva de genu , nu le pot spune aici "numele" 😄

    SI tot la staff ar fi buna o schimbare in atitudine din partea unora ca totusi suntem intr-o lume virtuala nu suntem dumnezeu(zei) 🙂

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    Acest subiect este acum închis pentru alte răspunsuri.
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