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[News] Restaurant guild for destruction of premises in Lastarria: "The State is being totally bypassed in that sector"

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Máximo Picallo, president of Achiga, says that the violence they have experienced "goes totally against the institutional solution" that was opened with the Plebiscite. And he assures that they cannot continue to "pay for the broken dishes."

A new day of violence was experienced last night in the surroundings of Plaza Italia, where restaurants and commerce in general in the area were again affected, a situation that has been generated since the social outbreak of October 18, worsening the crisis due to the pandemic , and by the series of demonstrations that have occurred in recent times. Yesterday, it was the Lastarria sector that suffered the main damage, after a group of individuals destroyed tables and chairs of the premises that keep their terraces open occupying a sector of the street. Due to this, the people who were consuming had to leave the place. According to the police report that Emol accessed, 33 events occurred during the night of Friday and early Saturday, 16 of them in the Metropolitan region and 17 in the rest of the country.





Máximo Picallo, president of the Chilean Gastronomy Association (Achiga), which brings together the main companies in the sector, said that the demonstrations are moving and affecting different areas, such as Bellavista a few weeks ago, and now Lastarria. "When we saw that violence had returned, despite the fact that there is already a Plebiscite, an institutional path worked out, it seems extremely complex to us that the businesses that have cost them so much to reopen, now also have to face these episodes of violence, it is extremely complicated for the sector, "he said. Picallo recalls that the majority of these are companies "that are on the verge of bankruptcy, that have had to invest in protocols to be able to open, the suspended workers returned to their work, this is like a bucket of cold water for the sector" . For this reason, the call they make is that "the State, and I am not referring only to the government, but to all the powers of the State, is to fulfill the role it has to fulfill." After having traced a constitutional path, he points out, "this violence goes totally against, even, that institutional solution, and neither the neighbors, businessmen, or workers in the sector have to continue paying for the broken dishes. For now, the union associations of tenants and restaurants have met with the mayor of Santiago, Felipe Alessandri, in search of help and solutions to face the violence, but Picallo assures that "We can hold thousands of meetings, but here is a role of the State to preserve public order ". Regarding the episodes of violence that affected people who were on the terraces, "they had to stop, start, because of guys knocking the tables, so what do you do against that, we hope that people have to confront them? I believe that this is not the way. It is the State that must fulfill that role (...) we see that the State is being totally bypassed in that sector. "

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