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G: @GhOst-


1. How would you describe yourself?

G:I describe myself as a kind boy, a little shy, but a good friend


2. What are your goals in life, including those related to your career?:

G:Well, my goal is to study hard until I become a good abugado.


3. How do you see yourself over 10 years?:

G:Well, I still see myself studying, maybe I'm already a good lawyer


4. Please describe the ideal job for you after you graduate:

G:I look like a criminal lawyer


5. What influenced you to choose your career?:

G:Well, I like to solve things and that is why I would like to be a lawyer, solve cases, etc.


6. At what point in your life did you choose this career?:

G:Years ago, I was 13 years old, because I watched movies and that's how I chose to be a lawyer one day


7. What are your goals for your career?:

G:Help people with their cases


8. What will you need to achieve your goals, and what are the steps you need to take in this regard?:

G:The main thing is to study hard for that


9. What do you think you need to be successful in this career?:


G:Much knowledge i guess


10. How do you determine or evaluate success? (Exemplify one of your successful achievements):


G:Very well, I have not had a big success yet, I suppose that when I went to high school, it was a success for my parents


11. Do you have the personal qualities and characteristics necessary to succeed in the career you have chosen?:

G:Yes I think so


12. What is your achievement from which you had the biggest gain?:

G: None yet


13. If you could, how would you plan your college career differently?:

G: Well yeah, I guess I would pursue another career


14. Are you more motivated to work as a team or individually?:

G: I suppose that as a team it would be better, right? But individually I would also like


15. How would you describe yourself in terms of your ability to work as a team?:

G: Well, for example I help by giving ideas and other things


16. What motivates you to make this efforts?:



17. How do you assess your ability to deal with conflicts?:

G:Well i guess


18. Can you describe yourself as a person driven by the goals you want to achieve?:

G:Yes it is


19. Describe what you have accomplished to achieve your personal purpose:

G:Well, passing the year, on a good note


Well, now that we know a few things about you, can we move on to questions about the virtual world?

G:Of course yes


1. What type of games do you like?:

G:Carnage, shooting, role playing


2. Which game left you completely impressed?:

G:When I first played CS.16


3. It was a game that gave you a lot of headaches?:

G:Not really


4. Can you recommend a few games for our audience?:

G:Yes of course, like: Paladins, LoL, Valorant, and many more


5. What do you think about horror games? Can you tell us one that you played?:

G:Well I haven't played one yet


6. About simulation games, what do you think?:

G:They are very good, funny


7. Do you think games can have an influence on our lives?:

G: Yes i do


8. What games have you finished so far?:

G:I still haven't stopped playing my games


9. What do you think about VR system?:

G:The first thing is that VR is much more advanced than I thought, and the second is that if before testing it I thought it was something accessory, anecdotal and underdeveloped, now, after testing it, I am convinced that there is great potential in VR. VR, both for games and applications.


10. Do you think that VR systems can have an influence in the world of gaming and will be some things of the future?:

G:Yes i do


Now, because we know something about your experiences in the virtual world, can we move on to questions about the CsBlackDevil community?

G:Yes let's get started


1. How did you choose this community?:

G:Well, a friend invited me here


2. After you, the best project in this community is?:

G:In my opinion they are all really good, but there is one in particular that I have always liked, which is the Latin recruit, it was my first project and I will always want it


3. If you could change something in the community, what would you change?:

G:Nothing yet, okay like this I guess


4. If you would be for a day administrator, what would you do?:

G:I would help everyone who needs it, I would be attentive to everything


5. What do you think about the STAFF of this community?:

G:Well, that they are good, that they continue like this with their work, and that they are good people (Some)


6. What do you think about the members of the community?:

G: I don't know all of them but the truth is there are some who are not good at all


7. If you could, would you create a new project within this community? What should you do to make this project more accurate?:

G:If I could yes, but I don't have a special idea for a project


8. Do you think the staff of this community is can manage hundreds of members every day?:

G:Yes I think so


9. If you had the chance, what RANK would you create, and what should you do to get it?:

G: I would create as a rank only for the true creators of the community, or something like that I think


10. If you could change something to a project that which one would be and what you would change?:

G:ell, nothing, everything is fine in the projects, what would be fine is to be strict with the activities of the project members


11. If you had the opportunity to change the name of the community, what would you name it?:

G:Devil's community


Apparently, we reached to the end of this interview, would you like to say something to the community members?

G:Well, to all the members well, be good friendly follow the rules, be active and have fun


Apparently, this was our interview with @GhOst- The Journalists team wishes you a good day / night and awaits you with as many requests for interviews!




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CsBlackDevil Community [], a virtual world from May 1, 2012, which continues to grow in the gaming world. CSBD has over 60k members in continuous expansion, coming from different parts of the world.

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