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     Nick of the Admin: r0ako
     Sanction : Removed
     Old Grade: Pre-managers
     New Grade: Tag
     Reason:I have no more time state on pc I'll be gone a month but I'll be back with the activity

    sorry guys @ROVEN and all friends server

    Editat de r0ako
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     Nick of the Admin: MPBilegt
     Sanction : Remove
     Old Grade: Elder
     New Grade: Player
     Reason: Sorry for my bad activity, Its just my internet & Personal problem. Im joining other server.

    I hope this server will be become best server in csbd.



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     Nick of the Admin:  toxskullv
     Sanction : removed
     Old Grade: co-owner
     New Grade: Player
     Reason: he wanted to retire/ busy... You can come back whenever you want ^^

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     Nick of the Admin: ROSTOMDZ
     Sanction :  REMOVED
     Old Grade: SEMI-ELDER
     New Grade:  PLAYER
     Reason: He leave us, coz in darklife they offered co-owner there.

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