1st edition of #Activity_Contest.

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Hello OldSchool family.
We are back with another competition with a free VIP to win!


This competition is really easy, all you need to do is to do a maximum of activity, everyday. We don't need you to make anything else. Every admin is participating the competition, we will track the activity of each one of you, for 2 weeks.

The winners are going to be announced the 15/08/2020.

1st place: 2 weeks of free V.I.P. + 2k Devil Coins

2nd place: 1.5k Devil Coins + A Medal. (Still not chosen)
3rd place: 1k Devil Coins + A Medal. (Still not chosen)

If we see that admins are really interested and are making efforts, we can give
more V.I.Ps the next edition and more interesting prizes.


¤ The using of any kind of program to stay active (bots) is totally forbidden, if we find someone using it he will get removed + blacklisted.
¤ If you win the 1st edition, you have to wait the 3rd edition to win the prizes again. (Everyone will have his chance to win)


Good luck, and show us your best activity!


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