[News] Criminal investigations launched against the FIFA President

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The Swiss judiciary has announced that a criminal investigation has been opened against the head of the Swiss Football Association, Jani Infantino, in the complex corruption case known as “FIFA Gate”, and he requested approval of the investigation with Prosecutor Michael Lauber.

In a statement, the judiciary clarified that the Federal Public Prosecutor “opened a criminal investigation against the President of FIFA, Jane Infantino and Reynaldo Arnold, the first public prosecutor in Ho-Vallé” especially because of “abuse of authority”, “violation of the confidentiality of work”, “assisting violators” and “obstructing criminal proceedings ”

According to press reports, a series of unofficial meetings held by Infantino and Lauber raised suspicions regarding the Swiss judiciary's handling of football-related files and possible collusion with the International Federation.

According to a report issued by the oversight body of the Office of the Prosecutor, Lauber (54 years old) responsible for procedures related to corruption scandals in the International Federation since March 2015, “violated many of his duties” by meeting informally and on three occasions, with Infantino in 2015. 2016 and 2017.

"Uber has repeatedly failed to tell the truth, acted unfairly, violated the Swiss Code of Conduct code of conduct and impeded the investigation by the oversight body of the Office of the Prosecutor," the report continued.

The International Federation did not deny the occurrence of meetings between Infantino and Lauber, explaining that it was aimed at showing that FIFA was "ready to cooperate with the Swiss judiciary." However, the legal ambiguity in which those meetings were held raises the issue of possible collusion between FIFA and the Swiss judiciary.

The Swiss authorities arrested in one of the luxury hotels in the city of Zurich on May 27, 2015, soccer officials condemned a large number of them in the United States, in a series of scandals that shook the highest global football body and led to the overthrow of large heads in it, especially its former Swiss President Joseph Blatter and the President of the Federation Former European French Michel Platini.

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