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1- Nickname : @Ru-gAL.™

2- Type of story:  The hunter's two dogs

3- The Story : 

A man lived in the country with his two dogs. One of them helped the man when he went hunting, while the other was in charge of guarding the house in his absence.

The hunting dog enjoyed hunting, although he always came back exhausted. Their mission was to detect prey. Sometimes he did, and sometimes, unfortunately, he couldn't find any.

On the days when he didn't get any prey, he felt very disappointed, thinking about the great effort invested at all, but when he was lucky, he felt really accomplished.

When they returned home, the watchdog came to receive them in a very happy way, effusively receiving its owner, licking his face and wagging his tail.

With the master and the two dogs at home, it was time for dinner. If they had managed to catch something, the owner, who was very generous, always gave each of his pets a piece of the hunt.

Thus, both the hunting dog and the guardian were equally rewarded, and of course the former disagreed, since it was he who had worked to obtain food for both of them.

One day, fed up, the hunting dog said to the watchdog:

'I am offended by what is happening! Every day I hunt, helping the master so that when you return, after a day of doing nothing, you receive so richly a good dish of what I have achieved! '

On hearing this, the watchdog replied:

'Dude, you are absolutely right in the world, but what do you want me to do? I have been trained to watch the house. If you want to complain, complain to the master, who in the end is the one who distributes the goods regardless of our work '.

Despite the anger of the hunter dog at the situation, the truth was that the guard dog had hit the nail on the head. If he complained, let him go to the master, and he did so. He explained to his owner what he thought and the man understood it.

Since then, he started training the watchdog to be a great retriever, and then took him out to train along with the other dog to earn dinner.

Moral: in life, not everything is given away. You have to learn to work hard to receive a good reward in return.

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