[News] Charlize Theron recounts hilarious exchange with daughter saying she ‘needs a boyfriend’

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Even though Charlize Theron has been very open about her blatant dislike towards the idea of going into a relationship at the moment, it seems her daughter cannot wait for her mother to change her mind.


During an interview for the InCharge podcast, Charlize spoke to Diane von Furstenberg and touched upon a teachable moment she shared with her daughter.


Charlize was quoted saying, "It's also important to remind women that the most important relationship in life is the one we have with ourselves. Once you have that, any other relationship is a plus, but it's not a must."


The actress went onto say, "It's so funny that you just said that because two days ago I was in the car with my two girls and my little one said something like, 'You need a boyfriend!' And I said, 'Actually, I don't. Right now,

I feel really good,' and she's like, 'But, you know what, Mom? I just like, you need a boyfriend, you need like a relationship.' And I was like, 'I am in a relationship. I'm in a relationship with myself right now.'"


Describing the 5-year-old’s reaction to her decision, Charlize went on to say, "She had this look on her eye like she had never really contemplated that that was even a possibility and I said, 'That is a really important thing for you guys to know.'"


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