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Lucky LOTTO # Editions Started

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Here we will leave a reply with the model from down with  all the editions made by the LOTTO Dealers staff's  before starting the game !


Dealer Name:

Lotto  number edition started?: 

Other specs?: 

Ticket buy link: 


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Dealer name: vagabond.

Lotto number edition started?: Lotto Edition 14 # Goldy Jackpot Ticket

Other specs: 1.000 Devil Points Jackpot /  V.I.P ( Membership x perioud) / Special Goldy Lotto Ticket Badge winner   New Project - 2020-10-01T021834.298.png   - 6 balls win

500 Devil Points - 5 balls win

400 Devil Points - 4 balls win

300 Devil Points - 3 balls win


Ticket buy link:

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  • vagabond. a schimbat titlul în Lucky LOTTO # Editions Started
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Golden Ticket Lotto #15
Ticket Price : 15 My Devil Coins
Starting Jackpot : 2,000 My Devil Coins
Current Jackpot : 2,000 My Devil Coins
Who Can Buy  Ticket : All members
Draw Time : October 20, 2020, 20:00

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