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     Hello everybody , summer is comming into our community or for most of you maybe the summer is already , so i was thinking to create a promo-game for everybody !


    This Edition for the SUMMER  contest will have 3 themes:  drawing, music and poetry !

    Every edition of this game has 3  different themes of working so please respect the requirements of each theme for this one and for the next Editions !


    Summer Themes requirements:




    desen - creați desene pe o foaie a4 legat  sau in paint  teme despre Vară (un soare, o grădină cu copaci , gratar , bere , mici etc etc (imaginatia voastra , desenati ce doriti doar sa contina chestii care cuprind lucrurile  de varăsau poza cu d-voastra ,  tematica Vară  (obligatoriu)+  textul  „SUMMER PROMO GAME CSBD/ CSBLACKDEVIL DEALER / CSBD”  (puteți alege orice text puteți scrieți în foaia dvs. , dar includeți numele CSBLACKDEVIL)



    muzică - Pune un link cu o melodie dupa YouTube care este in tema cu Vara . Piesa postată  sa nu fie similară cu a altui participant , dacă cineva a postat-o, norocul său a fost mai rapid!



    poezie / poem - creați câteva versuri în care să discutați despre comunitatea CSBLACKDEVIL cu tema de Vara.






    drawing - create a draw on a4 sheet  or in paint things related to Summer exemple (a sun , a garden , barbeque  etc etc , it's your imagination, draw what you want  just include summer things)   + or a photo with you , thematic Summer (important) and  to write the text "Summer Promo Game CSBD / CSBLACKDEVIL DEALER / CSBD" (you can choose any text you can write in your a4 sheet but included the name of CSBLACKDEVIL



    music - Link a song on YouTube related to Summer . The song posted may not be similar to a tall participant, if someone posted it, his luck was faster fast



    poetry / poem - create some lyrics in which to talk about the CSBLACKDEVIL Community with the theme of Summer.







    The most 7 liked theme-work untill  31/08/2020 for the best imagination of Summer CSBD Game Edition will be rewarded!




    - SECRET WIN untill 31/08/2020

    - SECRET WIN untill 31/08/2020

    - SECRET WIN untill 31/08/2020

    - SECRET WIN untill 31/08/2020

    - SECRET WIN untill 31/08/2020

    - SECRET WIN untill 31/08/2020

    - SECRET WIN untill 31/08/2020



    example of theme reply:



    DRAW IMAGE -   yOy3REv.jpg


    MUSIC -    



    poetry  -   

    Feels like worm sunshine outside,

    Smells like sweet sunflowers,

    Tastes like a sour lemon,

    Sounds like CSBlackDevil Members, 

    Looks like a Promo Game over the beach.

    Lemonade is yellow. :))






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    Images worked in photoshop are also accepted  !


    If there will be enought participants in this game  , i will request help from 3 groups of our community : Devil Harmony team  (to choose the best songs posted)  / Journalists team (to choose the best poetrys)  & Designers (to choose the best images) .



    Devil Harmony:  @pulse.exe  @Meh Rez vM ! ♫ @Hossam Taibi @.-AdiiLo-. @#Em i[N]O' @!#Apex? @XZoro™ @Shyloo @#REDSTAR ♪ ♫ 

    Journalists: @^_^ Crosaki Ichigo ^_^ @-Dark @-LosT @!#Apex? @#Loenex @Alcooliks ;x  @Dr.Drako @[email protected] @HiTLeR. @Qween ? @robila @Shyloo @SougarLord @YaKuZa--BoSs

    GFX Designers:  @REVAN @Nexy @nanelu @Adrianita @Meh Rez vM ! ♫ @King_of_lion @Lord Edward @Alcooliks ;x

    sorry if i missed somebody

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    DRAW IMAGE -summer.jpg.7abddb7a39189dd72b0340e0ac6b366b.jpg





    music - 



    poem -

    Supernatural drink,
    It tastes like fairy tale comfort,
    He does not leave us in all seasons,
    Our need for him is indescribable,
    His purity like  the hearts of CSBlackDevil Members,

    t's cold water :))


    Editat de AL_MAOT
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    Image: ubpWe67.jpg





    While walking near the sea

    I already forgot about that post on csbd,

    Swimming on the beach

    After that eating a peach

    Already forgot that is summer

    No more work just chill, or hiting with the hammer!

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    Image : S7HrNyS.jpg








    Poem :


    Summers are here with chirping of birds,
    The hot air flowing through the bay,
    Cooling drinks give some respite,
    To make some play some way,
    Summers are the time to chill,
    With some awesome thrill,
    The same with csbd members,
    Enjoy your summer break !

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    1 ST place liked:  @AL_MAOT

    VIP Member untill 20.09.2020   &  Steam Gift Card 5 USD Steam Key Global


    2nd place liked @Seuong

    600 Devil Coins  &  Steam Gift Card 100 TWD .


    3rd place liked @-LosT ?

    500 Devil Coins & free summer theme avatar 


    4rd place like @Agent 47'

    350 Devil Coins & free summer theme avatar


    pm me to get the rewards

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