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Hi, I'm happy to meet you. For the beginning of the interview, I will give you some questions about your personal life.


F. How would you describe yourself?:

L: Iam a fun kind of guy , i like to do fun stuff and enjoy my time , i love making friends , and i love to help and give back to others .

F. What are your goals in life, including those related to your career?:

L: my main goal is always success and never fail , cuz success will archive all of the goals that i would ever wanted .

F. How do you see yourself over 10 years?:

L: owning a house , married , have a great job , and enjoying life

F. Please describe the ideal job for you after you graduate:

L: iam currently studying civil engineering , so hope fully i will become one

F. What influenced you to choose your career?:

L: looking at others failing and giving up , made me want to not become them .

F. At what point in your life did you choose this career?:

L: before 4 years after graduating highschool , i just thought about it and immediately started .

F. What are your goals for your career?:

L: keep growing , go viral , keep profiting , and stay on the top

F. What will you need to achieve your goals, and what are the steps you need to take in this regard?:

L: i just want people around me that can support me and keep motivating me , and have responsibility .

F. What do you think you need to be successful in this career?:

L: its a daily thought  , once you have it in your mind , your going to do it what ever it need and takes.

F. How do you determine or evaluate success? (Exemplify one of your successful achievements):

L: i have started from 0 on a designing small company , since 3 years , and its still going and growing now , thats the most successful thing i have ever done .

F. Do you have the personal qualities and characteristics necessary to succeed in the career you have chosen?:

L: Patience , and good friends , that will change everything .

F. What is your achievement from which you had the biggest gain?:

L: having a small company known in my whole country , and gaining profits

F. If you could, how would you plan your college career differently?:

L: Maybe going to a better university that reward you with a stronger degree .

F. Are you more motivated to work as a team or individually?:

L: well , actually thats weird thing in me , it depends what type of work is it . but mostly i like to work with a team.

F. How would you describe yourself in terms of your ability to work as a team?:

L: focus on my duty , and stay positive , and keep the team soul calm , do the best i can do for them .

F. What motivates you to make this efforts?:

L: its the love of the success , and being afraid of failure .

F. How do you assess your ability to deal with conflicts?:

L: try to get it calm and motivate them , and try to see the source of it and solve it so it wont happen again .

F. Can you describe yourself as a person driven by the goals you want to achieve?:

L: from what iam doing , yes , and i like it .

F. Describe what you have accomplished to achieve your personal purpose:

L: time and patient , thats the key of that i guess .


Well, now that we know a few things about you, can we move on to questions about the virtual world?



F. What type of games do you like?:

L: FPS games , and Racing games , and horror


F. Which game left you completely impressed?:

L: Need for speed heat , the story is amazing , and the graphics are insane ..


F. It was a game that gave you a lot of headaches?:

L: Don't


F. Can you recommend a few games for our audience?:



F. What do you think about horror games? Can you tell us one that you played?:

L: they are really fun and exciting , i have played , the last of us / l4d2 / outlast 1-2 / amnesia / until dawn / resident evil 1-2.


F. About simulation games, what do you think?:

L: they are fun games , and they do make you feel like you are in real life .

F.Do you think games can have an influence on our lives?:

L: maybe the underage children and teenagers .

F. What games have you finished so far?:

L: the horror games that i mentioned above , and all of NFS series , Half life 1-2 , All of COD series .

F. What do you think about VR system?:

L: its a clever machine , its insane that how the world has evolved a lot of things and this thing one of them .

F. Do you think that VR systems can have an influence in the world of gaming and will be some things of the future?:

L: yes 100% sure , if only the reduced the price of it .

Now, because we know something about your experiences in the virtual world, can we move on to questions about the CsBlackDevil community?



F. How did you choose this community?:

L:its the reason of cs 1.6 and the love of this game ended up me here .

F. After you, the best project in this community is?:

L:i think its GoG , since it has the most activity and fun stuff that can be done there.

F. If you could change something in the community, what would you change?:

L: maybe the design , other than that is perfect .

F. If you would be for a day administrator, what would you do?:

L: work on the forum and improve it .

F. What do you think about the STAFF of this community?:

L: they are the best , cuz without them the forum wouldnt be here by now .

F. What do you think about the members of the community?:

L: they are nice , and lovely , and friendly .

F. If you could, would you create a new project within this community? What should you do to make this project more accurate?:

L: its a secret for now .

F. Do you think the staff of this community is can manage hundreds of members every day?:

L:well , they are already thanks to them .

F. If you had the chance, what RANK would you create, and what should you do to get it?:

L: as i said its a secret and its involved with the new project .

10. If you could change something to a project that which one would be and what you would change?:

L: i havnt thought about that , so i dont really know

11. If you had the opportunity to change the name of the community, what would you name it?:

L: maybe gamershub

Apparently, we reached to the end of this interview, would you like to say something to the community members?

L: Keep doing what you love , life is short , enjoy it , and never giveup


Apparently, this was our interview with @#LiNeX. The Journalists team wishes you a good day / night and awaits you with as many requests for interviews!

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