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Hello CSBD team!
First of all i wish everyone is doing good here. As an ex-designer of CSBLACKDEVIL, i decided to came back becuase this FORUM is really a great nostalgy for me where i used to spend a lot of time since i was young and of course the section i had to worry about was this one, the Design section.

I made some replies on actual GFX Team members galleries and shared with them some basic informations on how they can fix the mistakes they're doing.
Now this is an announcement for everyone that is involved with their work into this section.
In these last years i've always visited CSBD because this is an old love of mine, and a few days ago i was trying a lot to find my gallery but i guess it has been deleted by a mistake. What i found there was a secondary gallery of mine when i used to start everything.
It's this one! Please guys don't spend more than 5-10 seconds watching it because it's a terrible work and it's timewasting also.
When i used to be around 14-15 years old, i had no idea about designin, but i was a member of CSBD. As you guys that want that GFX tittle at the moment, that was my dream when i was young. 
Then like everyone of you done, i set myself a goal that was: "I'll be a desinger of CsBlackDevil"!
But by the time i figured out that the main goal was not this one. The main goal was to surpass my name into the Design team over the GFX-Leaders of that time, and we had a very potential group of designers so that was not easy at all.
What i did most of the time was looking into these galleries (other designer ones) all over the day. I used to spend a whole time by looking @REVAN's gallery and @d3v0uTT™'s one(both GFX Leaders of that time) and always overthinking on how can i do kind of these things.
I never stopped husstling! I challenged them a lot of times, lost most of them and everyday what i used to think about was these loses and why i wasnt able to achieve the level i wanted. So by watching tutorials, watching them work, expanding my knowledge about Photoshop and those design applications one day i used to win a very difficult fight betwen these guys, and also the fight i had with myslef.
So what i want from everyone of you guys, including GFX Team, is to follow that way. That is the right way for you guys to raise your skills, to expose your talent, "TO BECOME A SUCCESSFUL DESIGNER".
We have each topic that helps you about everything you need to know guys.

Both these two are very very important. Also for the tutorials that you can't find out in our forum, everything is dropped on YouTube guys. 
You can find everything you want to know. Also my suggestion is to spend even more time on @REVAN's gallery. He is someone who i used to learn a lot about that thing. Watch out his work, then put yourself into position of doing kind of these things/this work. Stay some more focused on designin than playing games for a short period, becaue all you need is to put some more attention into designing at the moment (that's for GFX Team). All of you can arrive into these levels, also you can go even further and suprass that. What you need is some more attention. Speaking for myself, i got a lot of incomes from designin into online applications that offers the opportunity to work from home for the others needs.
So work hard please, and one day believe me you will benefit from that.

I want to thank @Nexy a lot that gave me the permission to be able to share that with you.
One last thing. Please follow my words, follow that way and help each other! Being a designer is a very beautiful thing. I am very thankful to CSBLACKDEVIL that gave me the opportunity to be part of this thing.

Kind regards from @champagnepapi!

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Very good & informational topic, thank you!

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