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[GFX TEAM] Updates & Upgrades/Downgrades


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 All the designers who failed to present the latest meeting has been suspended from the team, including: 

  1. @King_of_lion
  2. @Y A S H™
  3. @TR'3
  4. @SergeNNNtu
  5. Barış Arduç

If someone of the mentioned names above is willing to continue as a designer in the GFX team, please, contact @Nexy or @REVAN with a solid and acceptable reason, otherwise, you'll be suspended permanently. 



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 As a part of the new reforming that is occurring in the GFX team, we found staff changes are vital and we decided the following: 


  1. @REVAN As the new Coordinator.
  2. @Nexy As the new Leader.
  3. @-Dark As the new Co-Leader.



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The Maintenance is over and the section is fully accesible:


  • Requests

                   > We changed the rules and also added new ones, you can check them out here.

                   > The V.I.P. rules are transformed into benefits, as they are more like perks for the V.I.P. people than rules, and you can check them here.

                   > F.A.Q. about requests & Info about dimensions topics are moved into the section itself, right where the model is:





  • Galleries & Gifts

                   > We move then together because we saw they are almost the same thing.


  • Competitions

                   > We saw that, for now, there is no room for competitions as almost nobody are interested in these kind of mini-project/games at Design. When the time comes, we 100% sure are bringing back more than it was before.

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