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The competition's awards have changed. This is a big step for us, and for you to take. Here is how's gonna work:

  • The award is called CPhgAh2.png GFX POINTS (GP)


At each of these, you will win GP:


  • For completing a Daily Quests, you will be awarded with 2 GP.
  • For completing a Weekly Quests, you will be awarded with 6 GP.
  • For completing a Monthly Quests, you will be awarded with 10 GP.

→ ★ AOTW

  • For participating , you will be awarded with 2 GP.
  • For winning, you will be awarded with 5 GP.

→ ★ 1V1 BATTLE

  • For winning a battle, you will be awarded with 4 GP.


  • Replying In an avatar/signature Request - 1 GP.
  • Replying in a cover/userbar Request - 2 GP.
  • Replying in a Server Ranks Request - 3 GP.


REMEMBER: If you're blacklisted, you cannot earn GP.


With these GFX POINTS you are able to earn (not buy) different things from our GFX PASS which can be found here.


Some basic rules:

  • Every member, by participating and/or winning any competition is written and his/her GP counted. That means if you participate and/or win a competition, you will be written in a special topic alongside your GP and you will see how many GP you have.
  • For now, you are able to earn GP from competitions & requests.
  • You will earn your award, you cannot decline it.


This topic will be updated soon.

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