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[plugin] Random weapons Mod

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This plugin is a simple mod, which gives a random weapon pack (primary, pistol and a grenade) on each spawn. I think it'll be good for classic/dust2/other fun mods. Also, if you want your server to be based on this mod, you can use the plugin, which restricts the buyzone (good combinations between the two plugins).



Name: Random weapons Mod 

Autor: Flick3rR

Version: -






1- Plugin random_weapons.sma file, put it in addons / amxmodx / scripting

2- Plugin random_weapons.amxx file, put it in addons / amxmodx / plugins

3- Enter the file addons / amxmodx / configs / plugins.ini and add the following Informations :





First of all, you can easy control almost all of them by cvars. 

- One of the options is to give random weapons on player, only when he died before the spawn. Otherwise, if he was alive untill the new spawn, he will keep his previous weapon. 
- There is also an options to control the giving of each part of the weapon pack. You can turn on and off the giving of primary weapons, pistols or grenades - separately. If a part from the pack is disabled, the user will keep his previous weapon from this part. 
Example: If you have disabled the giving of pistols, you get spawned, get new random primary weapon, get new random grenade, but you keep your previous pistol.
- An extra option, unlimited BPammo for the CSDM servers.
- Another extra option, getting armor and vesthelm with each weapon pack.
- On every spawn you will see a information message with what you received this time. this message also depends of the cvars and gets automatically changed if you turn off/on some part of the weapon pack.
- Cvar for the prefix on that info message. See it in the list of cvars.


Cvar of the plugin (add the file amxmodx \ configs \ amxx.cfg) :

1. The main type of giving:
random_weapons_only_killed (default: 0)

/0 - gives new random pack on EACH spawn/
/1 - gives new random pack on spawn, but ONLY if you died before! - /
/If it is to 1, you will keep your previous weapon if you didn't die before the spawn/

2. Turn on/off the giving of each part of the pack:
random_weapons_primary (default: 1)

/1 - will give random primary weapons in the conditions defined by the cvar above/
/0 - will NEVER give random primary weapons/

random_weapons_pistols (default: 1)
/1 - will give random pistols in the conditions defined by the cvar above/
/0 - will NEVER give random pistols/

random_weapons_grenades (default: 1)
/1 - will give random grenades in the conditions defined by the cvar above/
/0 - will NEVER give random grenades/

3. The cvar for unlimited bpammo:
random_weapons_unlimited_ammo (default: 0)

/1 - will give unlimited ammo for each weapon/
/0 - will give the normal ammo for each weapon/

4. The cvar for vesthelm and armor:
random_weapons_vesthelm_bonus (default: 0)

/1 - will give vest + helmet for each weapon pack/
/0 - won't give vest + helmet for each weapon pack/

5. The cvar for message prefix:
random_weapons_prefix (default: "^x03[^x04Random Weapons^x03]")

/*You can adjust the colors by the well known color system/




Download: (4.5 KB, 59 views) (5.9 KB, 41 views)

sma.gifGet Plugin or Get Source (RandomWeapons.sma - 35 views - 8.0 KB)

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