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Mr.SajawaL a câștigat ziua ultima dată pe Februarie 15

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  1. Mr.SajawaL

    Request Avatar

    → Image type: avatar → Dimensions: 150x250 → Text / Watermark: Mr Sajawal or Sajawal → Last request link: → Image(s):
  2. v1 nice blur and much more clear than v2 and with nice text
  3. → Image type: avatar → Dimensions: the same that i posted image 200x200 → Text / Watermark: Ace / CSBD or CsBlackDevil → Last request link: → Image(s): i need something like this
  4. Mr.SajawaL

    Ace's Gallery

    from this to this:
  5. Mr.SajawaL

    [Banlist] Titanium

    Nick: IP: SteamID : Time : Reason: Proof (print/demo) :
  6. Mr.SajawaL

    Ace's Gallery

    old is gold it remembers me of old days when sethhh was having same like this avatar that were the golden days
  7. welcome to walkingdeadzm
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