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  1. Hi can someone help me 
    with this ?
    Auto Scan

    how to scan player ?:
    say /scanmenu
    1) Scan Player
    Click Scan Player
    And will show u players online
    And choose one
    And u will see
    !gADMIN !gnull: Asked Player Name To Scan.
    And player will go to spectator and server will show him say /howscan to show how to scan =
    Download Wargods Cheat Defender
    Then click scan
    then wait the report then say in console : ctrl + v for paste scan If he is clean = Server say
    Player Name "CLEAN" Report : link
    If He quit server
    Server showing
    Player Name Was Banned 4 Week 2 Days For Left server without scan.
    That's it the plugin pls guys make it
    ❤️ ❤️ ❤️ PLS who can frown.gif


    Auto-Scan Help

    Hi everyone ! can someone help with this ? I want Scan Plugin is Cheat Defender ! ACCESS ADMIN_BAN CMD : /scan Shows this: 1. Scan Player 2. View Player Time ( How much player scanned before ) ( 1. Player Name (%d Times =) Scan Player = when choose a player: player will auto go to spectator with sound called " hahahaha" And he cannot join on teams ! and chat !g[Scan Menu] !yAdmin !yName: !gAsked !tPlayer Name !yTo !yScan. and too will show him a motd /HowToScan " Download WCD And from this link, then click Scan and waiting the scanning then report too, when finish u will see CTRL + V to post link WCD just go to console type: say CTRL + V " If the player is clean ( not cheater will show him this ) !g[Auto Scan] !tPlayer Name was !gClean, Scan Report: link of report scan if the player leave the sv will show him !g[Auto Scan] !tPlayer Name !yWas !gBanned !tleft !twithout !tscan. If when the player clean he can join teams
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