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  1. Hello, Members of CSBLACKDEVIL! I want you to have attention on new members profile pic that have recently join for example @Donald Duck 700 He have his/her profile starting name letter like starting with Donald so he have logo D I want you to have a new profile pic of new members automatically... That [email protected] Designers can make it...
  2. Soon New Proposal

    Cool 😎 

    Me on 🔥


  3. Yes Bro you are right u understand my point. @Shyloo
  4. I am just saying the member is online from pc or mobile this makes intresting and improve to profile.... And your choice you are online from pc or mobile this will be automatic... if someone add being online is something diffrent from my proposal
  5. Hello ZOMBIES, I have a brand new idea for improvement of forum which makes the new idea. The Idea is that.... After post there is down of profile pic, i have also a proposal for profile soo it will come, so at point there is name then profile pics then rank then post after that city... at down of any post of any member... So i want to add there Online for which device for example... The User is online from PC/MOBILE Hope you like it waiting for replies @Mr.Love hope you like my proposal?
  6. My Mind started working about CSBD profile..

  7. I Love the New Theme Because of the refresh form logo has been changed and the direct links like Buy Server,Buy VIP, Buy ZP6.2 And Home Are At side of forum that looks cool Get Moderator direct button is too Good. The Design i love too much.... To @Mr.Love
  8. Nice 

    This channel bought me Here!

  9. The New Theme is more better then the past one, This idea really works and i love the new theme ZOMBIES brain is full of ideas and i was also to be part of that zombie and want to help CSBD more @Mr.Love if you want any idea to improve forum you can ask me i know more about websites development and sone masters in computer science (HTML)
  10. Name[/nickname]: @DeviL-x ¤ Age: 19 ¤ Country: Hong Kong ¤ Occupation: Medical ¤ A short description about you: I am a boy that loves to help ¤ How did you found out Csblackdevil Community: In youtube Video CSBLACKDEVIL ¤ Favorite games: CSGO-GTA V-PUBG ¤ Favorite server [community only]: Perfect ZM ¤ A picture of you: Later Soon
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