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  1. This is a plugin which does not need any supplement, be free to say ALL IN ONE. It has everything you need VIP plugin for CS 1.6 Public Server .. u start to say to you not as you think: "Why this is included, unnecessary, stupid ...", everything can be turned off cvar. This is my longest plugin currently has over 2000 lines of code are. This plugin does not have to be used only for the standard CS 1.6 mod (public), and may for other modes, provided that it nicely ... set the plugin may not edit, but under conditions that leave me for the author and do not sell. Plugin can be a whole in 2 languages, by default it is in English. vip_language cvar "2", move the entire plugin into Serbian. The whole plugin is the flag T (ADMIN_LEVEL_H) (which give the player vipa users.ini type in "nick" "pass", "bt", "ab"). Code: Vip capabilities, commands, and privileges: -Bombs (it is possible to bomb each adjusted separately) -A little weaker gravity (0. -More money (+2000 U.S. dollars) -More helti (+50) -Armor (+100) -A little more speed (+20) -Glow (if CT - blue, if T - red) -Menu with guns (all are in the drum 200 rounds) -Menu with guns (also have a full magazine,) VIP-C4 (default: off) No-reload (can not empty the magazine,) VIP-Prefix - when you write the command "say" looks like this: http://img193.**************/img193/4647/sayl.png -To kill gets money (+500 U.S. dollars) -To kill gets helt (+20) -To kill HeadShot gets money (+1000 $) -To kill HeadShot gets helt (+40) There is a VIP-Shop (say / vipshop) http://img696.**************/img696/8124/shopic.png HTML Code: All settings in this shop are in the vip folder called VipShop.cfg. each part shop can be set, whether the item involved, what is the price and duration (if the item is the time). Each item in the shop will be able to be used once during the round. http://img545.**************/img545/9524/dfgqd.png Couple Picture: http://img834.**************/img834/515/reklamalx.png -say / Vip | | say / VIPs players will go out to the Vip's current server -say / vipinfo player can in motd window to see the privileges of a VIP- http://img688.**************/img688/1094/engmotd.png Attached Files File Type: sma plugin or Get Source (ultimate_vip.sma - 11714 views - 78.2 KB)
  2. Titlu: Bsc Pack Addons v2.0.5 CS1.6 Descriere:- Autor:- Link download: download Pluginuri: === Package Contents ==== Amxmodx v1.8.1 Hlbooster v2.4.0 PodBot V3B20b Custom CommandMenu - Download files via FTP - Plugins additional ==== shortcuts ==== F1: amxmodmenu - Menu amxmodx F2: menubsc - Menu bsc pack addons F3: ScriptMode - mode config to MIX, CPL, 4Fun .. (Note: In CPL mode MIX and some plugins are turned off automatically) F4: amxconfig - Set files without leaving the game F5: protetores - Menu plugins PROTECTION F6: say /net - Set the rates according to your connection F9: Amx OFF/ON - off or turn on amx bind "F1" "amxmodmenu" Parola arhivei (opțional):-

    [Map] zm_dd-v1

    : zm_dd_v1 *Autor (optional):-Electro Music *Sloturi: 32 *Gen (de, cs, fy, etc):zm *Joc : (CS 1.6 , CS:S , CS:GO): CS 1.6 *Download:Click *Screenshots

    [Skin] Default P90 Grimm

    Name: P90 Grimm Skin Name: Default P90 Grimm Skin Image: Link Download:Link
  5. Nickname :PANTHER Age: 20 Profile Link: How much time you can be active in Forum & TS3: 4 hours Link of Reviews you have posted recently: 1 2 3 4 How much you rate VGame Reviewers Team 1-15: 15 Why do you want be part of the Reviewer's team: to give information about games to players who didn't know about games Any suggest you want to make for your Request: nothing
  6. Specifications: LEAGUE OF LEGENDS: WILD RIFT (FOR IOS) SPECS Product Games Platform Phone Product Games Genre Action Product Games ESRB Rating T for Teen Product Price Type Direct League of Legends is so successful that it single-handedly sustained its developer, Riot Games, for more than a decade. Now, the massively po[CENSORED]r, free-to-play MOBA comes to mobile devices as League of Legends: Wild Rift. Translating an esports-caliber, competitive PC game to phones requires appreciated tweaks, but also some that are less than ideal. However, Wild Rift retains enough of the tactical gameplay and lavishly produced League of Legends magic that millions of people love, making this an Editors’ Choice pick for iPhone games. Defense of the Ancients While League of Legends: Wild Rift is technically a new game, you'll experience more enjoyment if you have some familiarity with the franchise. After all, League of Legends is the poster child for one of the most omnipresent, yet inscrutable, video game genres: the multiplayer online battle arena, or MOBA. League of Legends began as a Warcraft 3 mod that soon became its own offshoot of the real-time strategy genre, quickly overshadowing the likes of StarCraft II (much to my own personal annoyance). There are many MOBAs, but the top dogs are League of Legends and Dota 2. International esports teams earn millions of dollars competing in tournaments featuring these games. With Wild Rift, Riot Games wants to expose the beloved PC game to an even larger audience on mobile. You can currently download Wild Rift for free on Android and iOS devices, and a console port is coming at a later time. After downloading the game, you sign in with your Riot Games account, Facebook account, or Apple/Google account.
  7. Nvidia announced yesterday (via The Verge) that the Nvidia Broadcast app's Noise Removal feature—once known as RTX Voice—will be coming to OBS software as a native feature. This is great news for streamers and content creators using the free software, as it cuts out the need to use the Nvidia Broadcast app as a middleman altogether. Nvidia Broadcast software has given users a bunch of neat AI-powered features that can be turned on at the flick of a switch. You can track head movements with the Auto Frame feature, and remove backdrops without a green screen using Virtual Background. The apps Noise Removal feature was originally available only for RTX 2060 GPUs and above, but has since become available for any GeForce graphics card. The feature grants the ability to reduce background noise from audio inputs or outputs, and is highly effective at what it does, but was limited in use through the Broadcast app. Rolling out with the new beta version of OBS Studio 27 and supported through Nvidia’s latest game-ready drivers, this new native integration will streamline the process of setting up noise cancellation in OBS. Hopefully, it'll remove some of the hassle from streaming workflows, making it possible to access the features settings through OBS, without having to go through the Nvidia Broadcast app. One less app to juggle while trying to stream! The news comes alongside Nvidia's announcement of a Mortal Shell RTX update, and a whole host of G-sync compatible monitors that have been officially certified, as well as some new toys for developers.
  8. An uninterruptible power supply (UPS) might not be something you think about very often, because it doesn't affect your frame rates or otherwise make your PC run faster. However, if there's a power outage, you'll be glad you have one. And if you don't already have one, check out CyberPower's CP1500PFCLCD model, our pick as the best battery backup for PC gaming—it's on sale at Newegg for $219.95 right now. That's not a deep discount by any stretch, but to sweeten the deal, Newegg is also tossing in a $30 gift card with the purchase, which arrives via email four days after the invoice date. It's good for up to a year, and there's no dormancy fee—maybe by then GPUs will be more plentiful. A good UPS is like an insurance policy for your hardware, and not just during power outages. Higher-end models like this one feature pure sine wave output to deliver energy that is identical or even cleaner than the utility company's power grid, which is great for sensitive equipment, as found in a PC. Active voltage regulation (AVR) is part of the package too, which wrestles with unstable voltage from the power grid to extend the life of the battery. There are 12 outlets on this model. Half of them offer both surge protection and battery backup duties, while the others offer just surge protection (fairly typical for a UPS). You'll also find a pair of USB charging ports (1x USB-C, 1x USB-A) on the front for external devices, so even if the power goes out, you can charge your smartphone. You can route your LAN cable through this backup as well.

    1. For posting a request, you will need 100 posts (content), to own the "One Year In" medal, or to have a high rank than Members.

    normal member with only 8 posts and designers reply to it without checking his posts is rule changed?

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    ¤ Nickname: PANTHER ¤ Grade: no have ¤ New Tag: RUN ITS ¤ Link of Hours Played GT link CLICK HERE!:
  11. ¤ Nume în joc: PANTHER ¤ Vârsta: 20 ¤ Nume: - ¤ Oraș: Prizren ¤ Județ: - ¤ Țară: - ¤ Jocuri preferate: Counter-Strike 1.6 ¤ O scurtă descriere despre tine: Good Boy* ¤ De unde ai aflat de CsBlackDevil: Weather long time.. ¤ Server preferat (server doar din comunitate!): NewLifeZM ¤ O poză cu tine (în cazul în care ai deja una și vrei să o postezi): -
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