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    Pune, india

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  1. BLaCK-D3ViL

    Request Owner

    You have to boost or pay for high rank, I gave you LeGenD rank in my server just because you seem like a good person and stay active. Don't be greedy T/C
  2. Is this forum have chatbox ? or m i just really dumb and cant find it :v


    1. Mindsphere.


      No, forum doesn't have chatbox due to lags, etc.

    2. BLaCK-D3ViL


      ah sucks should make discord or somthing

  3. BLaCK-D3ViL


    What are you requesting for exactly ?
  4. Title of the thread :- "Cheater's Name" Day you have caught the cheater :- (format MM/DD/YY) Name of cheater :- SteamID (type status in console) :- Description :- Demo* :- (*) Demo :- There's no need to upload it to a third party cloud storage. Just drag and drop/choose the file directly in the thread you are posting :-
  5. Thread Title "Name of the admin" admin abuse. For example : {[email protected]ACKER} admin abuse. Thread Content Admin's name :- Your name in-game (at the time of the abuse) :- Any proof? :- Describe the event :- We won't be able to act on any "word of mouth". We will require solid and definite proof. If you are filing a report, we need to have certain proof of the administrator that has abused his powers. Screenshots of the chat logs or console would suffice. If you are recording a demo at the time of the event, it is highly recommended that you submit that demo as a proof supporting your report against the admin. Please take some time to write this report down carefully. If you do not follow the correct format your topic will be ignored and locked right away.
  6. Hey, could I help you on your server?

    I have experince

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    2. inmortal


      Look, I'll take a look first, send me the IP and I'll go in and see what I can do to attract people, do something that catches their attention, I could also help you with the models to create the subforums and everything is what you say?

    3. BLaCK-D3ViL


      If you publish our server and help us getting more player I can give a permanent rank like God or legend something like that your choice and you can hit me with new plguins and stuff how's that sound ?

      my friend work with ftp so I can give it to  him

    4. inmortal


      well I took a look at the server and if I can help you let's do something give me the rank with ftp and let's get in a meeting in ts3 or discord to agree and start working what you say?

  7. Topic name must be " [UnBan Request] Your Name " Add the real reason you were banned Add the IP to receive the request if the request is accepted Add SteamID to receive a request if the request is accepted. You can find the SteamID on a server, then type in the "status" console. The list of players on the server will appear and next to your name is the SteamID. It looks like this: STEAM_0: X: XXXXXX Your name in Game: Name of Admin who banned you: Date and time: Map: Reason for receiving ban: Your ip for unban: SteamID ul for unban: Proof:
  8. BLaCK-D3ViL

    [Price] VIP

    VIP prices : VIP 30 days: 1 boosts VIP 60 days: 2 boosts VIP 90 days: 3 boosts VIP benefits: 200 Armor free in each round 2x jump free in each round Free slot Higher Damage FREE TAG of your choice Skin different from normal players (Paladin girl) Access to knife Warhammer Access to zombie class : Tesla
  9. BLaCK-D3ViL

    [Price] Admin

    Prices for Admin (Administrator, including VIP) Administrator + VIP 30 days: 2 boosts Administrator + VIP 60 days: 3 boosts Administrator + VIP 90 days: 4 boosts Beneficits Administrator + VIP: Access to most orders on the server Access to the order : trail Access to the Admin menu (M 9) from where you can give respawn, boss, survivor, antidote, you can make zm, you can give a round swarm, plague ... etc 200 Armor free in each round 2x jump free in each round Free slot Higher Damage FREE TAG of your choice Skin different from normal players (Paladin girl) Access to knife Warhammer Access to zombie class: Tesla
  10. In-Game Name :- Age :- Steam ID (If you have one) :- Do you have discord ? if so what is your discord tag :- What languages do you speak ? :- Make sure that you have read and understand the rules :-
  11. Administrators and Players Regulations It is forbidden to use any kind of script like bunny hop, strafe even if they are made of mouse ! It is forbidden to swear! (admin chat included) It is forbidden to ask an admin for explanations if he did not use a command on you! It is forbidden to ask the admins for ways! It is forbidden to buy more than 1 customized way on the map! Admin Regulation It is forbidden to use the votemap command if you have not reached an agreement with the other admins present on the server. It is forbidden to use the slap, slay, kick commands just to take advantage of the situation in the game. It is forbidden to use the slap, slay, kick commands if the person has not actually broken any rules! It is forbidden to use zp_ commands in the first 2 rounds of the map. It is forbidden to use the commands zp_nemesis, zp_Survivor etc .. on the other admins. It is forbidden to ask the players for jets! It is forbidden to abuse the zp and amx commands !!!! It is forbidden to kick spectators !!! It is strictly forbidden for the Admins to use a name other than the one they have access to !! Otherwise REMOVE directly! RULES Amx_ban All of players who have hack , but first you must do DEMO. It is forbidden to use it on admins. Amx_gag All players who: promote a server or something, have inappropriate language , or they are violation with players or admins. Amx_slap The zombies who don't attack 3 slaps are maxim. Amx_slay We kill the players with amx_slay if them are out on game , afk , if they do block or are last and don't attack. We do that with last zombies , if they want run and don't attack. Exemple : when somebody let free for a good friend and he block other person behind him . Amx_votemap Amx_votemap you can use in the last five (5) minuts of map ! After when you use amx_votemap you let a BONUS round. HUMAN , ZOMBIE , RESPAWN You can use zp_human , zp_zombie , zp_respawn if the current round is simply infection. You can use one of them with the difference of 2 rounds minimum. BOSS---SURVIVOR Zp_nemesis , zp_survivor , you can use twice two at 12 hours. You can use first on you and one on players present on server. It is forbidden to use this comand on admins. First deviation : five (5) day SUSPEND. Twice deviation : SUSPEND forever CSBLACKDEVIL.COM ZOMBIE CSO MOD

    1. BLaCK-D3ViL


      yes i am new wassup !

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