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  1. bye csblackdevil i have meet many good friends/administrators/haters 

    we have spend a great and good time togather thanks for giving me chance to be member of your Designer team @REVAN @-Dark @Nexy @King_of_lion

    due to some personal issues/problems i have to quit here and special thanks to @myCro @The GodFather for helping me alot

    i am not administrator/g-moderator/moderator that i also dont enough followers i dont have right to make status like that i am quitting here

    #bye 😞 

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    2. MERNIZ


      Bye man I was part of csbd take care of yourself ❤️

    3. ScreaM.


      Why.... 😞

    4. King_of_lion


      hello, You are a respect person and you have a good future at everyting, You have been in my heart mate i cant forget anyone has coming to be from part of csbd, right you haven't Followers, man you got love's !!

      hope we meet again ❤️




  2. welcome back

    owner of thunderzm 🙂 nice to see old mates

  3. stop copying other members post otherwise you will be warned and if you still continue you account will be banned!

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    2. -P A I N-

      -P A I N-

      hahahah and you are his 2nd account also give likes to your main account

      @The GodFather @myCro @Mr.Love

    3. Mr.Talha


      Hello @-P A I N- ,

      this is your 2nd Account, your first account #Hopper..

    4. Mindsphere.


      Can you guys stop arguing here?? You can talk in PM, NOT HERE! Also @-P A I N- i talked with you to stop threating people and thinking you are "boss" here. This is the last warning for you. Please, next time, if i see one of this things again on forum, i will warn you!


      Don't worry about him, he will get banned for using multiple account. Also, if you see someone who breaks the rules, please, report him only.. Thank you!

  4. @Angrry.exe™ i cant post it on your profile so i mention you here


    read rules of design sections/gifts etc

    you are not suppose to reply on members gift sections you can only give them like or post on their profile thanks for avatar etc etc net if you reply to anyone gifts gallery you will get warned 


    1. Angrry.exe™


      good morning @Quben Joined June 28


      @Angrry.exe™ Since 2013 I just did it to have someone close the topic and another thing I still maintain the old, luxurious rules

    2. -P A I N-

      -P A I N-

      everything is changed i dont care be careful next time


    hello csblackdevil community members if any of you guys need avatars/signatures/cover photos for your profile's make request on this link i have posted but you should must follow the model while making the request and you also must have at least 100 posts or more than 100 posts to make a request.


  6. to whom should i send my aotw  work because king of loin is not replying to me what kind of coordinator is he , he is supposed to help members not to just show his face on fourum and than leave the forum he should must reply to msg etc what he has make

  7. king of lion can you take a look at my designer request ?

  8. @King_of_lion what happen to designers not replying to posts i have made it 20 hours ago but still no reply 

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