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  1. REJECTED! Minimum 30 hours played. You have to respect all server rules and other players/admins You should be active in the server for atleast 2 hours on the server per day. You should have been playing on this server for the last 2 weeks consistently.(PLAYING. NOT AFK) You must understand and be able to speak English well or semi-well Respect the Topic Tittle: Admin Request [ Your Nickname ] You are allowed to make only one request per 7 days
  2. #pro Don't forget to read Rules Good Luck
  3. Contra. Like my colleague, first activity and then admin.
  4. ¤ Date / Time: 18/09/2021 18 57 ¤ Nick: DZ-LA40WILAYA ¤ IP: ¤ Time of ban: 5000 ¤ Reason: aim +speed ¤ Proof:
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