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  1. The NBA announced the final roster of its team to celebrate the 75th anniversary. The last 25 -26 as there was a tie- complete the catalog of the 75 best players in history according to voters. Clear people are missing, and Pau Gasol is missed among others. Kobe, LeBron, Kidd, Shaq or Wade entered the last batch of names.
  2. PSG is measured this afternoon against RB Leipzig for the third date of Group A of the Champions League and in the list of summoned, provided by Mauricio Pochettino, Mauro Icardi is included despite all the personal problems he had in these days with his couple, Wanda Nara, although the big question is whether or not the Rosario striker will be in the game. A few hours before the game begins, L'Equipe came out to assure that Icardi is going through a very bad mood and will not be present on the field against the German team. "Icardi is in Paris, having made a round trip to Milan, but he does not feel able to play. He is very affected by the separation announced by his wife Wanda Nara on Saturday night," wrote a journalist of the French half.
  3. Lol congratulaciones 😮

    1. -Dark


      Gracias y me la pelas

    2. Zombieplaugel



  4. ¤ Tu nombre: ALEJANDRO ¤ Nombre del administrador reclamado: ¤ Fecha y hora: 18/10/2021 10:09 ¤ Motivo de la queja: Solo pudeo y reglas de la ronda 4 ¤ Prueba (captura de pantalla o consola o demostración):
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